It is time for Websleuths to take a break from Politics!

There is too much hate going on out there.

I had high hopes for the Politivent forum. I thought by making a place where reasonable adults could discuss their political views without hardly any moderation would be a smashing success.


Politvent has caused us more wasted time trying to deal with posters who were in competition to out-whine each other. It has given me the most grief of any forum on Websleuths. I have lost days and days dealing with the Politivent issues. Like trying to find out who said what about whom, whether a poster was really insulting everyone or not, posters trying to gang up on others, power posters trying to disrupt, trying to figure out who started what, was a poster being passive aggressive in a situation or not, having to go back to old threads to figure out where the problems started and I swear to you I have never felt more like I was babysitting mean kids than when I worked on Politivent.

We have very simple rules on Politivent.

1- Donít post anything personally negative directed toward your fellow poster. In other words, no name calling, no sarcastic remarks directed a poster, no remarks about the posterís family, no discussion of posters on threads, in general, DONíT BE A JERK BE CIVIL TO EACH OTHER
2- No crazy conspiracy theories like Pizzagate

Number 2 was easy for everyone to follow. It was rule number 1 that was too difficult for many members to follow.
Granted it certainly wasnít everyone who caused problems. Not at all. Politivent had some great discussions and wonderful members who followed the rules.

Yes, we did ban people again and again but the fighting continued.
It seemed no matter who we banned or how many we banned someone else would pick up the nastiness and carry on.
One Simple Rule. Thatís all that had to be followed. Donít be a jerk to your fellow posters.

By the way, both sides of the political spectrum were infuriated with me. Both claiming I was playing favorites to the other side. I haven't been called the "C" word so many times in an email since, since, NEVER!

To those of you who carried on maturely and contributed to some lively and interesting discussions, I thank you and apologize. If all members had behaved like you, we wouldnít be closing Politivent.

Politivent is closing indefinitely. It may open back up in a week or it may be closed for good. Who knows?

Be kind to each other because we do not know what tomorrow will bring.

Tricia Griffith