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    Maybe they should help these folks, yeah? Maybe this country should work on helping more than punishing. I have three youngins & none of them have autism. I had my oldest when I was 22. I can't imagine being a young mom, down in a state that isn't known for being open-minded about things like autism. Like, instead of arresting her, tearing apart the family & causing undue hardship, why don't they teach them the resources for this? It would be less of a burden on the emergency crews. Why don't they get her an autism dog? Sure, the up front cost is a bit but I'd bet a pretty penny it'd be cheaper than all that manpower.

    Usually on here, we see the parents acting too calm & it turns out a parent murdered their child. Well, this is one of the stories with the good endings & seemingly no nefarious plot. Stuff happens.

    Once, after my boys' dad & I divorced, he had them, it was nap time for everybody. Well our younger was an escape artist so on our doors to our apartments (we moved to the same complex after the divorce to make it easier for the boys), he installed a slide & deadbolt lock up at the top of the door as well as the regular ones. Guess what? He still got out! Our neighbors, who luckily aren't alarmists, took him in until he could get ahold of our ex. It all happened in the span of an hour & a half & my ex had no idea until he & our other son woke up. Was I worried at first? Yeah but I wasn't mad. My ex took numerous precautions before it even happened. We didn't even have a dog to stay with our kid.

    Sometimes mistakes happen, doesn't mean everybody should be arrested for them. Dang.
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    They live near a creek and a river. I think punishment is warranted when this is something that is more than just a freak accident. It has happened TWICE already. This is clearly not a safe environment for the child. They got LUCKY, twice. Next time...they may not be so lucky. We don't know the entire story. I am sure there is more evidence of neglect that we haven't heard. I highly doubt it's a situation of "he slipped away while I was in the bathroom" or something like that. Just a hunch, though.

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    She needs to get him a GPS tracker. They are quick and slick and drawn to water..... this luck will end real soon. And then she will be charged with something big, on top of losing her child. I always link the GPS tracker on the autism threads, but I'm on my phone. If anyone needs the info, feel free to ask.

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