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    Hamster, snake best friends at Tokyo Zoo

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    Cripes.....let's take up a collection to buy them a bigger box!
    Step right up and see the Yakwoman! Only 25 cents a look!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michelle Read
    When I was about 7 years old we had a neighbor with a pet Boa. They would feed that thing live mice and all the neighborhood kids would gather in theri garage to watch. As the sanke grew, the upgrade to young rats, but the sanke didn't like it, so he wouldn't eat it. They left the rat in the little cardboard box from the pet store inside the tank thinking that the snake would smell it and then eat it later. When they got home the snake's head had been eaten and there was the empty box with a hole chewed in the side of it. Guess the hunter became the prey!

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    My 6th grade science teacher had a 10 ft. boa constrictor named Balboa...we used to sit and watch it eat all the time. Now that I look back it was pretty sick but we were all so into watching this snake eat my teacher would actually allow us to stop working and watch.

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    I'm a little worried.

    I hope they continue to stay friends. I'm worried that it's just
    a matter of time before the snake eats it. Yikes!

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    The reason the snake hasn't eaten the hamster is that the hamster is to large for the snake to eat.

    The story above?? About the rat eating the snake? That actually happens a lot.
    Your not suppose to leave live food in the cage for more then the afternoon.
    That is why most zoo's and parks try to get their snakes to eat dead food.

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