OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma (AP) -- An invention by a man seeks to eliminate litter box odor by toilet training household cats. As head of Evolve Products, manufacturer of The Feline Evolution CatSeat, Kevin Rymer accepted an award Monday from a national trade magazine.

Pet Products News selected the CatSeat for its 2003 Editor's Choice Award, which was presented during a news conference at the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

"The CatSeat was selected because it could revolutionize every American home with a cat," said Matt Keller, director of advertising for the magazine.

David Hinkle, ODC official, said Evolve Products is located at the Fred Jones Development Center in downtown Oklahoma City and has been helped through the state's small business "incubator" program.

The program certifies companies for tax credits and provides a wide range of services, from advice on obtaining patents to marketing strategies.

Rymer says the CatSeat attempts to wean cats off litter. Shaped like a regular toilet seat, it is attached to a box with retractable shelves that are textured to replace the feel of litter.

Eventually, the device can be mounted to the toilet, where a push of the button allows it to be used by people.

The company quotes doctors and veterinarians as saying there are no health risks associated with cats and people sharing the same toilet.

Rymer, 39, said sales so far indicate a high success rate in weaning cats off litter. It usually takes about two or three weeks.

He said only about seven CatSeats have been returned out of every 500 sold.