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    SC - Georgetown, BlkMale 1028UMSC, 20-39, Cornrows, Red Devil Tattoo, Nov'05


    On Nov. 16, the body of a young, black man was found in the Sampit River.

    That man was wearing boxer shorts, a dark T-shirt, and a baseball cap with "New York" on it.

    Anyone with information about either death should call the Georgetown County Sheriff's Office at 546-5102.
    Sadly there is too little information to go on here. Although the National Center for Missing Adults have 2 "young" black men missing from the East Coast in 2005 (and a few more on the West Coast).

    I also tried the North American Missing Persons Network and I got 107 hits when I typed in

    2005+male+Race: black

    Some are little children (too young), but quite a few are teenage boys... sadly too many to seach for.

    What does "young black man" mean? A teenager? Someone in their 20s?

    Can anyone get more information on this John Doe? I tried doing a google search and didn't come up with any other mention. They found him on November 16th so its assumed that they don't have a missing person's report from the area....
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    Wonder if we could get bit more informtion on this *young* man?

    you re right PT, not much here--possibly narrow down age span, etc.

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    It would be nice! I'm going to keep watching for an update.

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    Still listed on Doenetwork as unidentified

    See the link for photos of his clothing, jewelry and tattoos.

    Unidentified Black Male

    The victim was discovered on November 16, 2005 in Georgetown, South Carolina
    Estimated Date of Death: 2-3 days prior to discovery


    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: 20-39 years old
    Approximate Height and Weight: 5'11"; 150 lbs.
    Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair; brown eyes. His hair was in a style of cornrows. It appears that he also has a partial beard and a goatee. He was found to have a tattoo on his upper right arm. The tattoo is of a red devil. Looks to be possibly female devil, rear view with a pitchfork and wings.
    Clothing: He was clothed in a blue “Southpole” sleeveless shirt ( on backward and inside out ), knit cap and blue boxer shorts. There were no socks, shoes or pants located.
    Jewelry: He was wearing a necklace that looks like ivory rosary beads. The necklace has a crucifix and also a patron saint on a plaque.
    Dentals: X-Rays available

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    The top maybe won't tell us much, wikipedia says that Southpole did $350 million of sales in 2005.

    The initial story said his cap had "New York" on it, but the embroidery on the front looks to me like something different, like it could be a brand name? The cap itself looks like it is made of a slightly stretch but thickish material possible chosen to accomodate and to some extent hide the lumpiness of bundled up braids or locs. Could it be from a smaller clothing line or headware line? His hat might tell us more about where he was from than his shirt.

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    Thank you for finding the Doe Network page for him, Donjeta. That's odd that DNA can't be extracted. He was only believed to be deceased for two or three days before his body was found.
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