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    SC - Georgetown - White Female, 30-50, 18 Jan 2006 - Cheryl Connors, 20


    She was found partially skeletonized.

    Authorities think she may have died a month ago.

    Wearing Tennis Shoes, Blue Jeans and a Black Sweatshirt.

    I did a search on National Center for Missing Adults for Women missing between November 2005 and January 2006 and only 2 women, one was 19 and the other was 20 came up.

    I couldn't come up with any matches on the North American Missing People's network that matched the age description, and that were missing in November or December 2005.

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    I checked the Trucker Boards (Thanks Kelly!) as they have a list of recently missing people (last 30 days), by State. http://www.truckingboards.com/trucki...play.php?f=103

    Unfortunately, after the 30 days, the State is edited out for some reason and they are placed in the general forum - so tracking becomes extremely difficult. Or possibly placed in a "non viewable to guest" forum.

    Anyway I did go into the general missing person's forum, and slowly, one by one, checked all the femals missing up until the "last post of 11-08-05". I figured that would cover missing women to the beginning of November. I did not find an East Coast match to the description. There are a few women on the West Coast that would match... but not the East coast.

    I'm wondering, because this murder would have happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas (date is around Dec 16, 2005), if it was a woman visiting from another State?

    P.S. I also "tried" to use www.missingabducted.com but their new format (automated links) made it too frustrating. I kept getting snippets of information so I'd click on a link only to find whatever article had been replaced by an advertisement!

    Its sad, because I used to LOVE this site... but now its more of an immediate alert site, than a missing person's site - and we need that too.

    Anyway, a long post to say "I struck out".

    Description of the Unidentified Woman:

    Race: White
    Age: 30-50
    "Small Frame" <<<I took this to mean petite
    Georgetown, SC
    Body Found: January 16, 2006
    Estimated date of death: About a month before

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    The first person I thought about was Tara Grinstead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgiaPeach
    The first person I thought about was Tara Grinstead.
    Me too. I was trying to see if they had the color hair. She went missing 10-22-05.

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    Based on the information that has been provided so far, Tara went missing 2 months before this lady is estimated to have died.

    1. Tara is listed as 5'3" and 125 lbs - which could be considered as small framed.
    2. Tara is 30, Jane Doe is estmated to be between 30-50
    3. Tara went missing from Ocilla, Georgia, Jane Doe was found in Georgetown, County, South Carolina - according to Google Maps they are approximately 341 mi (about 8 hours 44 mins) apart.

    ***Considering that Tara *may* have been abducted, if she was held then this could be her.

    I could find no mention of hair color for Jane Doe.

    I only searched as far back as early November for missing people.

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    I gave in and called the Georetown Sherrifs office and spoke to a really nice officer. I will be emailing all the information we found that is available on this thread, also with the suggested possible match to Tara Grinstead.

    The police officer said the hair of Jane Doe was brown or auburn.

    According to this missing person's site on Tara, her hair is brown:

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