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    Man trapped under mountain of books, newspapers; rescued after two days

    NEW YORK (AP) - A man who says he sells books and magazines on the street was rescued after being trapped for two days under a mountain of reading material in his apartment.

    Patrice Moore, 43, had apparently been standing up when the books, catalogues, mail and newspapers swamped him on Saturday. Firefighters and neighbours rescued Moore on Monday afternoon and he was hospitalized in stable condition Tuesday morning with leg injuries.

    "I didn't think I was going to get out," Moore told the New York Post, adding that he called for help repeatedly.

    His landlord discovered him Monday after coming to the apartment to give Moore a small loan and heard a strange voice inside.

    The landlord pried the door open with a crowbar, found Moore trapped and alerted the fire department.

    Full Story from CNEWS

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