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As to #4 - the Saloona was on upper level, and according to the detective, the construction area was at a lower level. It must have been at street and/or basement level since it was 'all dug up'. So, if Brian had an accident in that construction area at say 2:15am-ish, then:
1) bar would still be loud, band still playing, last call, etc. - so, tough to hear from the bar sounds coming from a construction area at a different level
2) in the wee hours of a Sat. morn, a construction area would likely be deserted, so no-one to hear any sounds/screams from within the construction area
3) maybe any accident was quick/severe, resulted in no screams.

From where the construction area was in relationship to the Tuna I would think that Brian could be screaming at the top of his lungs and no one at the bar would ever hear him. It's possible from the walk way in front of the stores someone could have. I would say that back in the hall way he wouldn't even have a cell signal.