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    CA - Fresno County, male body in canal, Jan'06 - Timothy McGuire

    Time McGuire has been missing for 2 weeks. A body was found floating in a canal only a few hundred yards from his house.

    Authorities are speculating that it is him, but only an autopsy, planned for next week, can determine that.

    Lots more info, including Video, at link


    P.S. This is another missing person that wasn't publicly reported. No listing at the National Center for Missing Adults, and no hits on a google search.
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    PTV article so copied from google news archive search.

    Fresno Bee, The : NEWS BRIEFS

    $2.95 - Fresno Bee - Feb 1, 2006
    Dental records have confirmed the identity of a man whose body was found Jan. ... Timothy McGuire Sr., 59, was living at the Quail Lake housing development ...

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