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I just remembered #93 above, and in particular, "The other man is also detained on the special care unit 'where inmates with special needs and different sexual orientation are held for their own protection'. (I wouldn't be at all surprised if he fits into both these categories)".

Maybe he really does fall into the second category. Have you considered this? There is circumstantial evidence to support this possibility. If Reeva discovered his secret that night, it would certainly be cause for a huge argument and everything else that followed. It would also have been a very good reason why she took his phone into the toilet, why he was desperate to get it back, and the reason he killed her ... to stop her from revealing his secret. Remember, image was everything, even to the point where he told her not to chew gum in public etc.

This would also explain why Carl removed the phone from the house and wiped it ... because it revealed the motive.
Can anyone remember any references to their having a sex life? I thought Reeva wanted to take things slowly so, to me, that means "no sex". We know she stayed there but it does not mean that they actually had sex. We have all shared beds with a man without having sex. Even his story that he went to bed and she did yoga did not sound very likely for a couple on Valentine's Day Eve. He did not sound very romantic. He might have had a lot of girlfriends but it does not mean that he had sex. They might have just been. in his eyes, trophy women to show off about. On the other hand, he might have been basically bisexual but was in the closet. I would not be surprised at all if he was actually homosexual. My gut feeling was that he was not really sexually inclined and got more of a hit out of being violent. So I buy your theory JJ as I have often thought of it before.