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    Quote Originally Posted by CocoChanel View Post
    Not sure if this alert is related to Mandadi’s death?!? How odd. It makes it clear that MH is persona non grata on campus, but no mention of what students etc. are to do if they see him there? They are obviously dancing around the truth, whatever that may be, but on,y gives rise to all kinds of speculation about him. Odd.
    BBM. I thought that too. They obviously can't say too much yet but it's clear they are insinuating his involvement in her death.

    Has he still not been located?

    It's time to tell the story of a little girl named Caylee.
    Caylee: "What's up, Dude?"
    Here for the missing and lost souls.
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    I believe she overdosed, they know she was with him, he provided or very least did the drugs with her, and they want him to flee and move on. Minimizing any liability they have

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    Has his FB disappeared now? I see her's. At least she was taken to a hospital....instead of dumped in a ditch. Yet who left her there? No doubt LE knows because they aren't showing a vehicle and asking people who it belongs to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2Hope4 View Post
    Has his FB disappeared now? I see her's. At least she was taken to a hospital....instead of dumped in a ditch. Yet who left her there? No doubt LE knows because they aren't showing a vehicle and asking people who it belongs to.
    I found a facebook for him just now. Lots of selfies. I feel terrible for this girl and her family

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    They obviously have information that they are working with if they are withholding certain things so as not to jeopardise the investigation. I hope that they are able to work out what happened and aren’t blighted by a culture of silence and self preservation.
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    This is from Nov. 16, several days ago. It was the latest I could find. No new information unfortunately. It is annoying that this MSM link misspelled the victimís last name not once, but twice, publishing it as Candadi instead of Mandadi. Her first name begins with a C so I can see how the mistake happened. Still. It is not very respectful of this victim and her family. Of course, it is possible that the circumstances are such that loved ones are not concerned about the spelling at this point. Could this be any more tragic? Every parentís nightmare it is. Bless them.
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    "A 22-year-old man was jailed Wednesday in connection with the death of Cayley Mandadi, a 19-year-old Trinity University cheerleader who died Halloween 2017 after falling unconscious in a car traveling to Houston.

    Mark Howerton faces charges of murder and sexual assault."




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    Holy. This is horrific! This was partner violence-turned-domestic-murder. What is it that makes these men and boys think they are entitled to own a woman? He beat her to death. The article also has a little about how he's been beating her and threatening her life! And they'd only been dating for four weeks. This young woman never had a chance once she met this monster.
    . . .


    "When first responders saw her, she was unresponsive, nude from the waist down, covered in bruises on her neck and thigh and showed signs of sexual trauma, according to the affidavit. Photos taken by Luling police indicate Howerton's knuckles were red "in a manner consistent with someone punching someone else" and he had scratches on his forearms, authorities said.

    Mandadi was pronounced brain dead on Oct. 30.

    A medical exam showed her injuries were not consistent with Howerton's description of what happened, according to the affidavit.

    Mandadi was covered "from head to toe" with red marks, bruises and scratches, according to the affidavit. Both of her eyelids were swollen and bruised.

    "The only areas of [Mandadi] with no evidence of injury were her back and the back of her legs," the affidavit says.

    Such injuries . . . line up with "physical and violent sexual assault."

    On Oct. 31, Mandadi was taken off life support and died. The medical examiner's officer later determined her cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head."

    "During the investigation, Texas Rangers spoke with multiple sorority sisters of Mandadi, as well as her ex-boyfriend and her roommate. All of them said Mandadi had told them Howerton had previously physically abused her and threatened her.

    In late September, Howerton trashed Mandadi's dorm room, friends told authorities. On that occasion, Howerton allegedly put Mandadi in his car and began driving to Houston. [my note: kidnapping!]
    "The witnesses also accused Howerton on various occasions of slamming Mandadi's head into a car window, waving a gun in her face and threatening to throw her off a balcony."

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    "There was also an incident a month before Cayley's death that got Howerton banned from the Trinity University campus."

    "Multiple witnesses told police Howerton allegedly destroyed Cayley's dorm room and threatened to throw her off the balcony."


    He beat her and raped her, he probably also kidnapped her because NONE of her belongings were in the car!
    "He was going to buy her all new stuff."

    He deserves death row!

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    This murderer is out on bond.
    This poor girl!!!

    His bond has been set at $225,000.*Online recordsindicate Howerton posted the bond and has been released.


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