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    This guy was a real creep, can't believe they let him out in the first place.

    The Capital
    Thursday, April 15, 1976
    Annapolis, Maryland


    A man arrested while on parole for murder pleaded guilty last week for attempting to rape a 14-year-old Annapolis girl attacked while she walked home from a shopping trip.

    Thomas W. Myers, 29, of Meads Drive, Annapolis pleaded guilty to assault with intent to rape and perverted sex acts.........

    Myers was arrested for two misdemeanor assaults last year while he was on parole for a 1966 slaying. He had served six years of the 15-year murder sentence before being released in 1972.

    While he was awaiting charges on the assaults , police identified him as the attacker of a young junior high school girl on December 13, 1974.

    According to the girl's statement to police, she was walking home from an afternoon shopping trip on West Street, and was confronted by a man as she crossed the grounds of the football stadium on Taylor Avenue.

    She told police that the man asked her to go with him and she refused. He pushed her to the ground, threatened to slit her throat, and forced her to perform sexual acts......

    The attacker then forced the girl into his car, drove to a dirt road near Admiral Heights, and repeated the crime......

    In return for Myers guilty plea to attempted rape, charges of rape were dropped.....

    Myers was sentenced to life once before. He was first convicted in January, 1967, of shooting to death a middle-aged Severna Park woman he had met in a Ritchie Highway bar and leaving her body half buried along an isolated road.

    That conviction was overturned by the landmark Supreme Court "Miranda" decision which required police to advise suspects of their constitutional rights......

    When the case was re-tried Myers pleaded guilty to second-degree murder....

    He had been on parole for about three years when police arrested him for assaulting two teenaged Annapolis girls in seperate incidents February 25, 1975...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hollow
    Any news on how his parole hearing went yet ?? I hope they don't let somebody like that out.

    Richard, is there any possibility that the guy that was seen talking to those people with the tape recorder had no involvement. I found an article about this guy from Maryland that was arrested in I think late 1974, that was 21, that had sexually attacked these two teen girls. If you think it might be relevant I'll post some of it. I think they were killed. I saved it on my email just in case, I'll just have to pull it up again.
    And sorry my summary of the above posted article was so inaccurate, I had only skimmed it and found it of interest since Wheaton is so close to this idiot's stomping ground.

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    What about Bar Jonah? Although his true preference was little boys there was a ton of child porn in his possesion when he was aphrehended. Just a thought but probably not a match in any way...however, he was very prolific and that makes me wonder...

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    Witness' Recollection

    I have a question for Richard. First of all, thanks very much Richard for providing so much information on the case. To me, the entire case hinges on one question: How confident was the witness who placed the Lyon sisters in their neighborhood and headed home from Wheaton Plaza? Here's why I think this is such an important question. If the girls made it back into their neighborhood, than it would seem to me that TRM was not their abductor. Since no one in the area recognized TRM, it would make sense that whoever he was, he was not from the area. And if he wasn't from the area, then he wouldn't have been sufficiently familiar with local neighborhoods to have been able to trail the girls. It would be even trickier given the confusing layout of Kensington. If the girls did make it back into their neighborhood, then to my mind, its more likely that their abductor was someone familiar with the neighborhood, perhaps even from the neighborhood. That's what makes the entry about Michael Pearch so interesting.

    So how confident was the witness (I believe it was a boy who lived in their neighborhood) when he claimed to have seen the girls in the neighborhood and walking home that day? Did he say something along the lines of "Oh, I think I saw them that day, but I might be confused, it could have been another day."? Or was his recollection more like "I know I saw them that day because I can describe the clothes they were wearing."?

    Richard, do you have any idea about the confidence level of the witness who said that he saw the girls in their neighborhood and walking home the day they were abducted?

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    Kensington Residential Area Roads...

    Quote Originally Posted by Upcounty
    ... To me, the entire case hinges on one question: How confident was the witness who placed the Lyon sisters in their neighborhood and headed home from Wheaton Plaza? Here's why I think this is such an important question. If the girls made it back into their neighborhood, than it would seem to me that TRM was not their abductor. Since no one in the area recognized TRM, it would make sense that whoever he was, he was not from the area.
    ... do you have any idea about the confidence level of the witness who said that he saw the girls in their neighborhood and walking home the day they were abducted?
    Your point is a good one. The Kensington neighborhood is somewhat of a maze of twisting roads which are not laid out like so many other residential areas. The roads bend around and make a lot of turns, so if you don't know the roads, it is very easy to end up heading in a direction different from what you intend.

    A very significant feature of the girls' probable route is that they probably cut through woodlots at two places, and Drumm Ave is blocked off in the middle for about a block allowing only pedestrian traffic and not cars through. Therefor, the best time and place to make an abduction (using a motor vehicle) would have been BEFORE the girls got to the barriers on Drum Ave - and this is only about a block from Where Devon and Drumm Ave meet.

    The accuracy of the witness is, then, of great importance because it would mean that the girls would have been abducted immediately after he saw them.

    I have never interviewed that eyewitness personally, and because he was a minor at the time, the news reports do not identify him by name. MCP has his name and his statement, but I do not know how closely they have looked into it, or if they have ever re-interviewed him.

    The boy evidently knew the girls by sight and he was pretty certain that he had seen them headed west on Drumm near Devon. The problem with his information was that it came about two weeks after the girls disappeared. He stated that he remembered seeing the girls at that place and time when he first heard about their disappearance, but that he did not mention it because it was initially reported that someone else had seen them around 7PM at the Mall. The boy and his parents decided not to bother police with information about the 2:30-3PM sighting.

    When the "7 PM sighting" was later determined to be incorrect and reported as such, the boy came forward with his story. Police now had to determine if the boy might have been mistaken, perhaps having seen the girls closer to 11AM that day, or perhaps having seen them returning home on a previous day around the time estimated in his statement.

    The Drumm/Devon sighting report is one of those bits of information that was just never fully resolved. But if true, and accurate, then it would tend to indicate that the abduction actually took place within minutes of the boy seeing them, and in the residential area.

    I agree with you to the extent that IF the abduction took place in the residential area, the abductor would have made himself familiar with the roads - at least in the immediate vicinity of the Wheaton Plaza parking lot. It is possible that TRM was that person, and that he placed himself in his vehicle after talking to the girls and learning of their planned departure time and route. He may have driven a short way into the Kensington housing area on Drumm, turned around, and met the girls after they passed by Devon.

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    Persons of interest

    John Brennan Crutchley "Vampire Rapist"
    This is another 'dirtball' of interest.

    During the mid 70's he lived in Fairfax County Va. At the time there were several disappearances of teenage girls. Some investiators suspect his linkage to the Lyon Girls & Kathy Beaty. He was extensively familiar with the area, & also lived in Pa. where there were a number of missing females, & deceased females.

    This is a 7 page story which can be accesed at :

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    Travis Shane King new information

    Information dated Sep 6, 2006 on WCYB Channel 5, Bristol, VA indicates the Police Chief of Bristol, Va believes they have enough circumstantial, scientific and eyewitness evidence to bring Fred H. Coffey, Jr. back to stand trial for the murder of Travis Shane King.



    I found this information online a couple of hours ago. Several months ago I may have indicated in one of my postings that Fred Coffey had been tried for this case and convicted. At that time I had found two newspaper clippings while searching many clippings all night long posted to The Charlotte Observer and linked to the Newslibrary.com. (I hope that's the correct name of the website.) Before writing this present posting I searched for those two articles on both sites and cannot find them so I must say at this time based on the above information found online this morning about Fred Coffey possibly being extradited to Bristol, VA to stand trial for the murder of Travis Shane King that I either misunderstood what was written which was something along the lines that his mother was glad that the case was finally over after 7 years of waiting or the articles contained misinformation.

    I apologize for any misinformation I may have contributed to this site about this particular case and I certainly hope he will stand trial in Bristol. What I hope will not happen is that he will not get the death penalty if convicted because of the other abductions posted to this site that have not been solved and for which he may have been responsible. Most especially, Cathy Lynn Beatty because I still hope that something will come up in the line of evidence that could get him extradited to Maryland and hopefully get some answers to a lot of questions about her case and some of the others.

    Along with the above information a check of Fred Howard Coffey, Jr's information on the NC Dept of Corrections website says,
    Next Custody Review Date: 12-01-2006.

    Does anyone know what that means? I know it's not the same as coming up for parole.

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    Richard, please check your messages.

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    In reply to ShurlT's 'links' posted today.

    Excellet work ShurlT !
    If they plan to 'try' Coffey for the murder of Travis King,and use leverage, they maybe able to solve other cases. For example; If they could offer a plea bargain to Coffey where he would confess to some other unsolved cases he is suspect in(including the Lyons' girls),his life would be spared.

    I believe 'Custody Revue' is to determine if he should be confined in maximum,medium,or minimum security.

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    Plea Bargain

    Jeb, plea bargain is exactly what I've had in mind. Possibly, he'd be willing to admit or deny any of the unsolved cases listed on this site that occurred from March to July of 1975. Maybe they could give him a lie dector test as well. Even though it's not admissable in court it might help support whether he's telling the truth or not. I think they should be willing to try everything and anything they can that would not compromise the case in court.
    Now, how do we get somebody to act on this if possible? It didn't dawn on me to alert MCP about this new development until just now.
    Does anybody know if VA has the death penalty? I can't recall. Thanks for the explanation, Jeb. I wonder if it would do any good to write to Bristol and tell them he's a possible suspect in other cases in MD and PA?
    Does MD have to have proof of some kind to get him extradited or can they get it done on suspicion? They need something concrete from Kathy Lynn Beatty's case maybe to get him to MD. Shouldn't there be some DNA on her clothing or something? What about those keys?

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    Jeb, please check your messages.

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    MCP in the loop...

    Quote Originally Posted by ShurlT
    ...Now, how do we get somebody to act on this if possible? It didn't dawn on me to alert MCP about this new development until just now....
    Murder of Travis King Still a Mystery
    19 July 2006

    After almost 20 years there are still no answers in a Bristol Virginia murder case. Eight-year-old Travis Shane King was killed in 1986. He lived in the Rice Terrace community. Witnesses say he was lured away from his apartment. His body was found the next day. The prime suspect, Fred Coffey, is currently on death row in North Carolina for a different murder.

    Travis King Murder
    6 September 2006

    More than 20-years ago, an eight-year old Bristol boy, Travis Shane King, was murdered. Bristol Virginia police believe that King was lured away from his home by Fred Howard Coffey. Now Police Chief Bill Price says they have enough circumstantial, scientific and eyewitness evidence to bring Coffey back to stand trial. Currently Fred Coffey Jr is serving a life sentence in North Carolina for another child murder. He comes up for parole every July. Price says through his departments investigation he asked the Commonwealth`s Attorney to proceed and bring Coffey back to Bristol.

    WCYB NewsCenter5




    These news links have been passed on to Montgomery County Police.

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    Fred Howard Coffey, Jr.

    Here are some excerpts from Fred Howard Coffey's 1994 appeal of his death sentence for the brutal murder of 10 year-old Amanda Ray in 1979 . See the entire document by clicking on the link.

    On 16 February 1987 defendant (Fred Howard Coffey, Jr.) was indicted for the first degree murder of ten-year-old Amanda Ray, who died on 18 July 1979. Defendant was convicted at trial on theories of premeditation and deliberation and felony murder, based on the underlying felony of kidnapping.

    After a sentencing hearing following this trial, the jury recommended a death sentence, and judgment was so entered in October 1987.

    On appeal to this Court, we found no error in the guilt proceeding, but we ordered a new sentencing hearing because the verdict form employed by the jury did not include an issue as to whether the mitigating circumstances were insufficient to outweigh the aggravating circumstances, ...

    On re-sentencing, a second jury also recommended the death sentence. The trial court again entered judgment sentencing defendant to death, and defendant appeals from that judgment.

    At the resentencing proceeding the State reiterated the facts surrounding the murder.

    The body of ten-year-old Amanda Ray was found in a wooded area near a lake in Mecklenburg County on 19 July 1979. An autopsy revealed that she had a black eye and bruises and that she died of asphyxiation.

    An investigation began immediately which produced several witnesses linking Amanda Ray with someone matching defendant's description on 18 July 1979 near a lake. The investigation continued for several years eventually revealing that dog hairs on defendant's couch and in defendant's van matched dog hairs found on Amanda Ray's clothing when her body was found.

    Defendant (Coffey) was questioned about the death of Amanda Ray in 1986 and was subsequently charged.

    The State also introduced testimony of Janet Ashe and Rev. James Hall indicating that defendant, in the months before the murder, masturbated in the presence of three-year-old Angel Ashe. This incident was admitted to establish the aggravating circumstance of murder committed during the course of a kidnapping.......

    Steven B. Bondy and psychiatrist Dr. John M. Billinsky. Dr.Bondy interviewed defendant (Coffey) twice and administered five tests to defendant. He diagnosed defendant as suffering from major depression, chronic post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and pedophilia.

    Defendant's PTSD was the result of repeated sexual abuse by his father. As a result of the pedophilia and PTSD, defendant was mentally and emotionally disturbed at the time of the murder and his capacity to conform his conduct to the requirements of the law was impaired. On cross examination it was revealed, over objection, that Dr. Bondy's diagnoses were based in part on defendant's convictions for indecent liberties with children. Defendant had previously attempted to exclude the admission of his criminal record through a pre-trial motion, which was denied.

    The convictions which were introduced were:

    - convictions in 1974 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for two counts of indecent exposure and one count of indecent liberties involving three children;

    - and convictions in 1986 in Caldwell County, North Carolina, for nine counts of indecent liberties with children involving three different children.

    The trial court instructed the jury to consider defendant's convictions solely for the purpose of supporting the witness' diagnoses. Dr. Billinsky's opinion testimony was essentially the same as that of Dr. Bondy. He interviewed defendant twice and spoke with his family members. He diagnosed defendant as suffering from adjustment disorder with mixed emotional features, pedophilia, and chronic PTSD.

    Defendant's PTSD was the result of sexual abuse by his father. Based on defendant's pedophilia and PTSD, Dr. Billinsky concluded that defendant was under the influence of a mental or emotional disturbance at the time of the murder and that his capacity to appreciate the criminality of his conduct was impaired. On cross-examination it was revealed that Dr. Billinsky's diagnosis of pedophilia was based in part on defendant's convictions in 1974 and 1986.

    Also testifying for defendant were his mother and sister. Defendant was molested by his father from the age of six. Defendant was also forced to watch his father sexually abuse his siblings, including his sister. Resistance to the sexual abuse was met with physical abuse. Defendant's father threatened to kill defendant if he exposed the sexual abuse.

    After defendant's mother discovered the sexual abuse, she moved away with defendant. Defendant's father would then occasionally kidnap defendant and his sister, take them to a motel, and sexually abuse them.

    Defendant (Coffey) left home to join the Navy at the age of sixteen, eventually leading to service in Vietnam.

    After the presentation of evidence the trial judge submitted two aggravating circumstances:
    (1) the death occurred while the defendant was engaged in a kidnapping, and
    (2) the death was especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel.

    Defendant (Coffey) requested 23 mitigating circumstances, the majority of which were submitted to the jury. The State also, over defendant's objection, requested that the statutory mitigating circumstance of "no significant history of prior criminal activity" be submitted. The court submitted this circumstance.

    The jury found both aggravating circumstances. One or more jurors found that defendant was under the influence of a mental disturbance; that his capacity to appreciate the criminality of his conduct was impaired; that he was mentally, physically, and sexually abused by his father; that he suffered a deprived and unstable childhood; that he dutifully served his country during wartime in Vietnam; that he had previously attended classes at a college; that defendant was a hard worker in prison; and that he had continued his education by taking correspondence courses from prison.

    No juror found that defendant had no significant history of prior criminal activity.

    The jury sentenced defendant to death. ...
    It was at the end of Coffey's third trial, after he was again (as he was each time) convicted of Amanda's murder, that he was sentenced to Life In Prison vice the Death Penalty. This was because two of the twelve jurors would not vote for the Death Penalty.

    All juries noted that the defendant had a significant history of criminal activity prior to 1979. It should be noted that they did NOT have for consideration several other molestation and murder cases, in which Coffey was suspected, but not convicted.


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    Fred Howard Coffey, Jr. - Updated Inmate Data and Link

    A previous link to Fred Coffey's Inmate Data is no longer working. Here is the current text of what is in that on-line file from the North Carolina Department of Corrections, along with an updated link.

    Besides the information shown below, the link includes a photo of Coffey and specifics on each of Coffey's sentences.

    Please note that Coffey is up for a Custody Review on the first of May. Feel free to express your opinion to the Department of Corrections and the Parole Board on this matter.

    DOC Number: 0081135
    Inmate Status: ACTIVE

    Name(s): COFFEY, FRED H.

    Gender: MALE
    Race: WHITE
    Age: 61
    Birth Date: 03/19/1945
    Conviction Date: 01/21/1987
    Total Term: LIFE
    Projected Release Date: LIFE
    Admission Date: 02/02/1987
    Admitting Location: CENTRAL PRISON
    Special Characteristics: LIFE
    Custody Classification: MEDIUM
    Next Custody Review Date: 05/01/2007
    Control Status: REGULAR POPULATION
    Next Control Review: UNKNOWN
    Number of Infractions: 0 Last Infraction On: N/A
    Current Location: PENDER CI
    Previous Location: NOT PUBLIC INFORMATION
    On: 10/27/2005
    Detainers? N
    Escapes? N


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    Richard, please check your messages.

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