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    LA - Cory Rubio, 24, Bossier City, 27 Jan 1999


    Classification: Endangered Missing Adult
    Date of Birth: 1974-10-11
    Date Missing: 1999-01-27
    From City/State: Bossier City, LA
    Age at Time of Disappearance: 24
    Gender: Female
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: 64 inches
    Weight: 105 pounds
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    Complexion: Light
    Glasses/Contacts Description: Reading glasses (wears occasionally).
    Identifying Characteristics: Pierced ears, scar on left earlobe.
    Clothing: Dark green knit sweater with 3/4 length sleeves, blue jeans, white "Reebok" athletic shoes.
    Jewelry: Diamond bracelet.

    Circumstances of Disappearance:
    Unknown. Cory was last seen at the Barksdale Air Force base to discuss a custody hearing that was to take place the following morning with her ex-husband. Base security confirmed that she entered the base, but they keep no records for outgoing guests. Her vehicle was located abandoned 3/4 mile off the base at the Stoner Ave. boat ramp on the Red River.

    Investigative Agency:
    Shreveport Police Department
    Phone: (318) 673-7020
    Investigative Case #: 990104077
    NCIC #: M-186904881

    National Center for Missing Adults

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    Police to hold news conference in missing-woman case

    posted: 01-26-2006

    Shreveport police will hold a news conference today in an effort to find new information about a woman who has been missing for nearly seven years.

    The "cold case" file is that of Cory Rubio. The 24-year-old mother of two's car was found abandoned at the Stoner Boat launch.

    She has not been found and no arrest has been made. Police suspect foul play.

    This weekend will be the seventh anniversary of Rubio's disappearance. Police have scheduled a news conference today and hope publicity about the case will lead someone to come forward with new information.


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    Family Of Cory Rubio Still Looking For Answers After Seven Years

    Cory Rubio disappeared seven years ago this weekend, yet to this day neither police nor her parents have any idea what happened to her.
    "Seven years of two young daughters, Sarah and Samantha, maturing without a mother. It has been seven years of waiting for someone to come forward with the truth," said Rubio's mother Susan.
    Police found the 24-year-old's car at the Stoner Boat Launch January 28th, 1999. It had been abandoned and ransacked.
    The last time anyone saw Cory was the night before. She was with her ex-husband, Airman Jesse McGay, at Barksdale Air Force Base.
    McGay was a person of interest in the case, but detectives could never find enough evidence to charge him.

    More: http://www.ksla.com/Global/story.asp?S=4419383
    Rest in Peace to my best buddy and baby, Buster ~ He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Jan. 3, 2011. I miss you, Buster and love you with all my being.

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    New developments in the case of a missing woman

    Updated: May 19, 2006

    New developments into the case of Cory Rubio. She disappeared from Shreveport nearly seven and a half years ago. And this week, detectives flew to Florida to interview Rubio's ex-husband and several of his associates.

    Rubio's husband has always been considered the prime suspect, in her disappearance. Police say Rubio remains a "Missing Persons" case, but her father says he knows in his heart his daughter is no longer alive.

    Jim Rubio is no longer waiting for his daughter, Cory, to come home. But he is still wating for the truth.



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    10th anniversary of Cory Rubio disappearance
    orginally posted by AdoraBlue in LTWH La Missing


    It's been 10 years since anyone has seen or heard from Cory Rubio.

    The mother of two vanished in Shreveport on Jan. 27, 1999.
    Rubio told her father she was meeting her ex-husband, Jessie McGay, an airman at Barksdale Air Force Base.

    Her car was later found at the Stoner Avenue boat launch [ETA on the Red River].

    Jim Rubio said he will never stop searching for answers.

    Shreveport police went to Florida in 2006 and interviewed friends of Rubio's ex-husband. But no charges have been filed and her body has never been found.

    McGay lives in Florida and denies any involvement in his wife's disappearance.

    Also video link at the website.

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    an older article
    Possible Confession in Rubio Case?

    DATE: May 26, 2006
    REPORTER: Jeff Ferrell

    Did a prime suspect in a highly-publicized missing persons case confess to friends about that person's fate? And if so, is that enough to return an indictment against him? Those are questions now at the heart of the Cory Rubio Case.

    In this continuing News 12 investigation, Shreveport Police tells us what they discovered when they flew down to Florida to speak with Rubio's ex-husband. Her father told us his personal thoughts of the investigation, "my daughter was killed there on the military base (Barksdale AFB) by a United States Serviceman."

    Jimmy Rubio told us he has absolutely no doubt what happened to his daughter.
    But after seven years, neither he nor anyone else has been able to prove that her ex-husband, Jesse McGay, had anything to do with her disappearance.

    But now, police told News 12 that people in contact with the former Barksdale Airman, who currently lives near Palm Beach, Florida, are afraid of him. They're afraid because of what they say McGay admitted privately. "Yes, he made some statements that were very disturbing that he might be involved in her disappearance," described Shreveport Homicide Detective Jimmy Muller.

    Detective Muller explained fear is the reason why those interviewed want to remain anonymous. "Why take a chance? If this guy's done something terrible and you get on his list then you know, you could be in the same situation."

    Muller said those interviewed echoed previous statements from those close to McGay. But, he asked the rhetorical question, "If he told five people that, 'I killed my wife, and I did away with her', and there's no body, where do you go with that?"

    "I believe that the military has got some of the most important parts of the information needed," said Jimmy Rubio. This long-grieving father told us the U.S. Air Force has never told him anything. He added, "if nothing did happen then why don't they release the facts." And despite repeated attempts, News 12 has yet to get any comment, either.

    The biggest obstacle to overcome: There's no body. But there is something new in that regard, said Muller. "We did gain some information that's helpful in that area."

    We're told, detectives will soon meet with the Caddo Homicide Screening Section, to figure out if the information from recent interviews is enough to proceed with a case against Jesse McGay.


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    another older article

    EXCLUSIVE: Ex Father-In-Law Of Missing Woman Talks About Son

    "You know, frankly, I'm afraid of him."

    Chilling words from the father of Jesse McGay. Tim McGay accuses his son of nearly choking him to death. "Boy, he just took me down on the ground and put my head in a twist. He had me in a paralyzed move, I mean, it must have been something he learned in the military."

    The father says all that happened after the disappearance of his son's ex-wife, Cory Rubio, here in Shreveport seven years ago.

    Shreveport Detective Pat Lamotte tells News 12 choking is McGay's M.O. Lamotte says he not only choked his father, but had also choked his former wife, Cory Rubio in the past. And McGay's new girlfriend at a base in Korea also claimed that McGay had choked her, even telling the new girlfriend once, quote, 'Be careful or I'll bury you like I did my ex-wife.'

    Lamotte says McGay denied the comment and it ended there.

    But police said there was simply not enough evidence to arrest McGay back in January of 1999 after they discovered Rubio's abandoned car at the Stoner Boat Launch.

    McGay's father tells News 12 before hearing of his son's ex-wife disappearing, he had a strange encounter with a psychic. "She just kind of went to trembling and she said, 'Oh, my God.' She said, 'Jesse killed his wife, said he strangled her."

    Jesse's father says he even called the D.A.'s office, telling them the psychic believed Cory's body was in a nearby lake.

    Cadaver dogs on training did hit on something at the Stoner Boat Launch two years after she disappeared, but after days of searching and digging nothing was found.

    But, we spoke with friends of McGay, who say categorically Jesse could not have killed Cory Rubio, saying Jesse's the real victim.

    "No man is willing to admit that, you know, that his wife is the one that's beating on him," said friend Pat Arendell. "But he was never abusive to her at all."

    Two other close friends of McGay also defend him.

    Pat Arendell has his own theory. "Honestly and truthfully, I still think it was just a random either carjacking or something that went wrong."
    Jesse and Cory's daughter together, Samantha, just turned nine-years old. She's now being raised by Cory's parents. Jesse has not seen or spoken to his daughter since losing custody seven years ago.

    But, News 12 has confirmed that Jesse McGay has had a run-in with the law recently. In July, police charged him with insurance fraud.

    We have also tracked down McGay's current whereabouts. But, police have asked us not to contact him directly until they have a chance to do so. Detective Lamotte will only say she'll make that trip soon.

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    Anguish lingers for missing woman's family on anniversary of her disappearance

    January 27, 2006

    By Francis McCabe

    It's been seven years to the day since Cory Rubio's empty car was found at Shreveport's Stoner Avenue boat launch. Seven years since the 24-year-old Stonewall resident was declared missing. Seven years since her two daughters saw their mother.

    Seven years of agony for Rubio's family.

    "It's been seven years of waiting for someone to come forward with the truth," her mother, Susan Rubio, said while choking back tears during a news conference Thursday at Shreveport police headquarters.

    Detectives and Cory Rubio's family once again are urging the public to come forward and share any knowledge about what happened Jan. 27, 1999.

    Police never have found Rubio and always have suspected foul play in her disappearance.

    With her marriage to Jesse McGay -- a U.S. airman at the time -- marked by domestic abuse, police have seen him as a person of interest in the case.

    McGay is the last person known to have seen Rubio. She had gone to meet him at Barksdale Air Force Base to discuss an upcoming hearing about child support the night she went missing.

    McGay has since left the Air Force. His whereabouts are unknown to police.

    "We've talked to friends and acquaintances of Jesse McGay. And maybe there are people out there who may feel more comfortable to come forth now," said Detective Patricia Lamotte of the Police Department's missing persons division.

    McGay is not the only person of interest, Lamotte said. Investigators have interviewed several people, she said, but would not name who.

    It is doubtful that Rubio will be found alive. "I have suspicions as it relates to her fate," Lamotte said.

    "Cory Rubio was very close to her family. She adored her daughters and would not just abandon them," the detective said, explaining the theory behind Rubio's disappearance.

    For their part, Rubio's family has no expectation that their daughter is alive. "We hope to end the pain we suffer each day without her by bringing to justice the persons responsible for her harm," her mother said.

    Susan Rubio and husband Jim called on the Air Force to be more cooperative with Shreveport police on the case. Lamotte said the Air Force so far has cooperated with the investigation. The Air Force has closed its investigation into the case since McGay has left the service, she said.

    Meantime, no one plans on giving up and there is hope someone will come forward. "This investigation will continue as long as this matter remains unresolved," Lamotte said

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    Unless a link is included, anything I say, is my opinion and my opinion only. It may not be the truth as others see it, but I do have the right to my opinion.

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    From March 2015
    A Stonewall teenager is making an impassioned plea for help 16 years after her mom's disappearance.(...)

    Only recently, one of Cory's two daughter, Samantha Rubio, discovered McGay had died. After turning 18 years old recently, she's decided to call out for help, hoping McGay, her biological father, may have said something to someone.

    Now, Samantha is calling on that theoretical 'someone' to step forward. "There's no way that he could have just done something and nobody know anything at all. Somebody has to have some answers," declared Samantha.


    As Samantha got older she decided to begin a more intensive search for answers about her missing mother. That began with a search on Google, a little more than a year ago. And that's when she stumbled across an obituary for her biological father Jesse McGay.

    The obituary was posted in the Staunton, Virginia News Leader newspaper, dated September 24, 2013. But it listed his date of death as three months earlier on June 24, 2013, in Guayaquil, Ecuador. No explanation is given for the delay in the announcement.


    Over the years, reports had circulated that McGay may have "all-but confessed" to Cory's murder to several people after moving away, including a now ex-wife and a few friends. But it was never enough for an arrest.


    The Rubio family says they're just looking for any kind of tip to find Cory's remains. And they emphasize that the tip can remain anonymous: No questions asked. They just want closure for this ordeal that just won't end, now on its 5,882nd day since Cory was last seen alive.

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