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    CO - Lisa Kelly, 33, & Lanell Williams, 28, slain, Jefferson County, 1989


    Lisa Kay Kelly, born in 1955 last spoke with a relative in 1987 (she was 32). Her decomposed body was found on March 24, 1989 along the Lariat Trail - but authorities couldn't identify her at that time.

    In October 2005 Jane Doe's partial fingerprint was entered into the computer system and within four hours a "hit" was obtained. Lisa was finally identified.

    This is how Jane Doe had been described:

    Jane Doe's body was found 10 feet from Lariat Trail on a steep decline. The black woman, believed to be between 30 and 40 years old, wore a white sweatshirt with a drawing of a chipmunk in a pointed cap, holding a wand.

    Because her body was so decomposed, the county coroner's office asked Denver art teacher and forensic sculptor Daniel Marion to create a clay resemblance. He did so, and it appeared in newspapers and was broadcast on the news.
    This is what the bust looked like:

    Sketch on the Doe Network

    I could not find and photo of what Lisa looked like.

    Full story at link
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    Great success story

    The identification of Lisa Kelly is a great success story. It was on the front page of the Rocky Mountain News on 1/25/06.

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    From September 2008:


    Reid, 49, allegedly killed Lanell Williams, who disappeared Oct. 12, 1989, after dropping off milk at her mother's house; and Lisa Kay Kelly, who was buried anonymously in a Golden cemetery for 16 years until cold-case investigator Cheryl Moore took on her case.

    Williams' body was found in Clear Creek Canyon on Oct. 14, 1989, with panty hose, a belt, a sock and an extension cord all wrapped around her neck... DNA testing in 2005 linked Reid, who had previously been convicted of a sex crime, to Williams' strangulation death, Moore said.
    From September 2012:


    DNA evidence — a science that was in its infancy in the 1980s — identified a suspect in Williams' case: Billy Edwin Reid, 52, who was convicted of murdering both women and sentenced to life in prison in 2008. A witness statement and a letter Reid wrote also linked him to the murder of a third woman, Queena Sanders, whose body was found in Denver on Feb. 14, 1988. Her case, like Kelly's, hadn't been identified by the task force.

    Denver police have presented the Sanders case twice for prosecution, said Lynn Kimbrough, spokeswoman for the district attorney's office. She said the evidence wasn't sufficient to prove Reid murdered Sanders beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Still, Moore suspects that Reid committed other murders.

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