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    Anybody having trouble accessing doenetwork?

    I wasn't really sure where to post this but figured here was as good a forum as any in relation to Doenetwork.

    I keep getting a 'bandwidth exceeded message at doenetwork-I'm guessing it's not just me having this problem. I have tried the 800 number listed for doenetwork but my call "cannot be completed as dialed" and there is no new number information on there.

    I have emailed the site administrators there to ask if there is anything that can be done by users of forums such as this to help increase bandwidth for doenetwork-I know if I, a stay at home mom-use their site frequently that certainly there are others out there like me who would be happy to contribute if only to keep this valuable site available for the families and friends of the missing and unidentified.

    Just wondering if anybody knows anything.

    Thanks for the time.

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    That message first appeared around this time yesterday. I am not a Doe Network member, but usually, with most sites, bandwidth is allotted on a monthly basis. I'm sure that once the calendar clicks over to February 1st the allotment will be reset.

    Of course, in the meantime, they may renegotiate their agreement and the site may become accessable earlier.

    That will take care of the immediate problem with website access. As for the longer term problem... I think your suggestion of a contribution is a good one. Perhaps, once the site is accessible again, the owner(s) will have a message about what "the public" can do?

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    I wonder if they could get donated bandwidth

    I know my husband's company donates some bandwidth during off hours for scientific research but I'm not sure how that works. Maybe they could get something like that.

    I figured since it was the end of the month that was the reason-I know there are only 31 days in January but it sure has felt like it is lasting forever to me.

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    Kind of off topic but...

    does anyone know what's up at angelsmissing.com? Have been getting a "my sql" error for the last day or so.

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    I too can't access Angel's missing.

    I made posts late Monday night. They were automatically copied to www.missingabducted.com the following day at 10:34 am (this is done through automatic feeds every day).

    So I know if was up yesterday morning....

    I have no idea if its a hardware, software, network problem or someone hacked the site..... They have a wealth of information on there so I hope data recovery is possible.

    In the meantime may I suggested http://www.truckingboards.com/trucki...splay.php?f=89

    This is our member "Kelly" message board. They do an excellent job of keeping up with missing persons reports too.

    If you hear anything about the angels missing site, please post it here, and I will do the same.


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    I apologize for Angels Missing being down so long.

    I was told the database has strained their server and they took it upon themselves to disable my forum without consulting my host provider or myself.

    Apparently Yahoo has this in their small print about being able to disable if the server load is too much. News to me.

    I am waiting for some answers and will post when I can get it going again.

    Thank you for your patience.


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    Fourboys thanks for telling us what's happening. I'm relieved to hear that you haven't lost the data.

    On the one hand its confirmation that you are providing an excellent service if its straining the limits. On the other hand, it does present new challenges for your board as you become more and more popular.

    We are awaiting your return!

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    Forum is online again.
    Attachments and images are disabled until server is moved.

    Thanks so much to everyone who has contacted me.


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    Great news!

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    An invitation

    Would Like to invite you all to join a new group just formed at http://s10.invisionfree.com/usedtobe...ex.php?act=idx

    Just a kinder/gentler version if you are interested...

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