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    Dog Involved In Death To Get Rehab

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    This is a tragic situation, but it's not like the dog went and hurt her on purpose. He was playing an a horrible accident happened.

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    Tragic for the little girl.

    I feel sorry for the pooch, too. You almost feel like they cuffed the dog and now he's waiting to do his time in the big dog house.

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    That is such a sad story. I've been following a local case on the news. Yep, another fatal pit bull story. An adorable 3 yr. old little girl was killed by one a couple days ago in Philadelphia. The girl's aunt had left the dog at the little girl's house and the dog savagely attacked and killed her. It was the second attack for the dog and the aunt had never had it licensed or had shots. Personally, I think SHE should do some jail time. The dog was euthanized yesterday.

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    oh my, that's really sad.. i can't believe they let him live.

    i know the dog was just playing and didn't really MEAN to hurt her, but... aren't most dogs pretty in tune with their human family? i.e., wouldn't the dog sense that the girl couldn't breathe and was in trouble?

    and i don't really understand... wouldn't a SIX year-old girl be strong enough to pull the scarf away from the dog, unles the dog was huge and unusually strong?

    this is a good reason for dog owners to teach their pets NOT to play tug of war, except maybe very gently... along with the very important commands, "leave it", "drop it" "let go", etc........ of course, it sounds like she may not have been able to speak... poor girl... and poor parents!

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    I question this version of events...

    I have two goldens and "the game" is only a game while someone is pulling....
    I understand at 18 months this dog was a baby but I question this scenario....
    My own dogs both at about 18 months did heroic things..
    One tried to save a cat we had from another dog .....
    And the other alerted me to my son being in my neighbors yard where several other large dogs could have harmed my son... yet my dog jumped the fences and protected him.
    The one also at about 2 yo alerted me to a 6 ft rattler slithering through our yard... Right before I was to let my autistic son out to play...

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