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    who has custody of the 4 children?

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    i am so glad he was convicted again. no one else had reason to want michele dead no matter how much mud his family slung her way...and why on earth would she have made it all the way home, where her van was found, if that was not where she was killed? i think CH ran out of time after he killed her, hid her body, cleaned up and then had to be ready for housekeeper and kids to get up for school, etc...and had to just leave the van there at end of driveway and try to explain it away, which he did with that so-called witness at 2nd trial, which went over like a lead balloon...i am from this are originally and my dad was very close to Cal's Dad so i do not have any vengance against the Harris family, who provide tons of jobs in the area, so i do not believe that two juries were poisoned...that is ridiculous. People take jury duty very seriously in 99.9% of cases, it would be very hard to "throw" two juries...

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    48 Hours Showcases Cal Harris Case
    Story Created: Feb 12, 2010 at 5:42 PM EST
    (Story Updated: Feb 12, 2010 at 5:44 PM EST )
    The CBS news program 48 Hours Mystery shines a new spotlight on Tioga County this weekend. It updates "A Time to Kill" with an in-depth look at both of the Cal Harris murder convictions.

    Kevin Tubbs was a key witness for the defense in the case against Cal Harris. Harris, of Spencer, was convicted twice of murdering his wife Michele in September, 2001. Her body has never been found. 48 Hours Mystery is profiling the case this weekend.

    Complete with an interview with Kevin Tubbs. The first guilty verdict against Harris was thrown out after Tubbs came forward, claiming to have seen a woman fitting Michele's description, hours after prosecutors allege she was murdered.

    In an exclusive, 48 Hours Mystery spoke with members of Michele's family. They say they're worried about Michele and Cal's 4 children. The Taylors say they barely see the children. And they want them to know their mother didn't just disappear.

    Watch The Video: 48 Hours Showcases Cal Harris Case 1:57
    The CBS news program 48 Hours Mystery shines a new spotlight on Tioga County this weekend. It updates "A Time to Kill" with an in-depth look at both of the Cal Harris murder convictions. Action News reporter Gabe Osterhout spoke with the 48 Hours correspondent about what viewers can expect.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    48 Hours Mystery: A Time to Kill
    A Mother Vanishes from her Upstate N.Y. Home the Day After 9/11; Was it the Perfect Time for a Crime?
    Feb. 13, 2010
    This story originally aired Nov. 10, 2007. It was updated on June 24, 2008 and Feb. 13, 2010.
    *Article is Pages 1 - 5
    Tioga County in upstate New York is the kind of place where people go to escape the problems of the big cities. So when 35-year-old Michele Harris disappeared, it mystified State Police Captain Mark Lester.

    "A murder in Tioga County, it’s a pretty rare occurrence… For an actual person to go missing and not be able to find 'em is extremely rare," he said. "And normally, you would expect at some point along this way we're gonna find her … And we still haven't been able to find her remains." In the early morning hours of Sept. 12, 2001, Michele’s van was found at the end of her driveway.

    "There was a gut feeling I think right from the get-go that something was wrong," Lester told "48 Hours Mystery" correspondent Erin Moriarty.

    Lester said getting a search under way wouldn’t be easy. "It's the day after 9/11. We had just sent 500 or 600 troopers to New York City the night before. Most of our canines had been sent to New York City. Most of our aircraft was working with New York City. So, trying to gear this thing up quickly wasn't happening as easy as it normally would." Adding to the pressure was that Michele was the wife of Cal Harris, a prominent businessman, from a wealthy and influential Tioga County family.

    It was a fairytale romance, and no one was happier than Michele when she married Cal and became pregnant. By the time she was 33, Michele had four children under the age of 6. Cal provided well; the couple lived on a 252-acre estate, complete with a private lake.

    Then Michele discovered Cal was having an affair. Cal and Michele tried to save the marriage, but in January 2001, after 10 years, Michele filed for divorce.

    According to Shannon and Michele's brother, Greg Taylor, Cal did not want the divorce. Greg, said it was a bitter split as Michele fought with Cal over money - demanding a full accounting of his businesses. "There's no way that he was gonna let Michele take his family money. There was no way that that was gonna happen," Thayer explained. The situation was made even worse because the couple was forced by the courts to continued sharing the house.

    On Sept. 12, 2001, the world was focused on the thousands missing in Manhattan. In Owego, N.Y., 196 miles away, there was another disappearance that might have been overlooked, if not for a call to state police investigator Sue Mulvey from Michele Harris' divorce lawyer. "And he said that she hadn't come home, which was totally out of character for her," Mulvey recalled. "And he was concerned for her well being."

    What happened to 35-year-old Michele Harris, who vanished in the early morning of Sept. 12, 2001? If she’s dead, where is her body? Michele's family and friends weren’t the only ones who suspected Cal Harris killed his wife; so did the police, but there simply wasn’t much of a case.

    Without a body or a murder weapon, there's no cause of death. In fact, there's no proof that Michele is dead at all. What the police did have were tiny drops of blood in the kitchen and the garage. And then there was Cal Harris himself - what he did after his wife disappeared and what he didn’t do. The local state police was now back to full strength and convinced Cal had buried Michele’s body, focused the search in and around the Harris property; they used helicopters in the air and dogs on the ground.

    The search went on for a year, then two. After four years and no sign of Michele, investigators felt it was now or never. "The case wasn't getting any better. There were really no new significant leads or evidence coming in," Lester said. "But win, lose or draw, this case had to go to trial."

    So on Sept. 30 2005, Cal Harris was arrested and charged with Michele’s murder. But how much of a case is there? Defense attorney Joe Cawley is confident Cal Harris will never be convicted. Nothing has quite shaken the calm of Owego, New York like the murder trial of Calvin Harris. It took nearly six years, but Harris’ trial finally began on May 21, 2007.

    Harris, out on $500,000 bail, came to court from the house where authorities believe he murdered his wife almost six years earlier.

    "It was blood spatter, so that it wouldn’t come from a bloody nose dripping or a cut finger," D.A. Keene explained. Henry Lee testified that the tiny drops of blood found on the kitchen rug - more than 40 of them - are more evidence of an assault. He testified that the blood stains were more consistent with spatter than dripped blood. And a square stain of blood on the rug that could have been left by the murder weapon. "People don’t drip in square patterns," explained Keene. Dr. Lee also told the jury that the blood -that looked bright red in photographs - had to be fresh. Harris Defense Attorney Bill Easton disputed that. "Dr. Henry Lee never examined that blood. He bases his opinion solely on his examination of photographs," he pointed out.

    "So Dr. Lee saying it's within a few days we think is simply incredible. That may be his opinion, based on hunches, based on his experience. It’s not based on science," said Easton. And beyond the blood, said the defense attorneys, there is no other physical evidence to tie their client to Michele’s disappearance or death. There's no body and no murder weapon.

    Harris also chose not to testify at trial. So on June 6, 2007, after two weeks of testimony, the case went to the jury. Will the holes in the case against Calvin Harris add up to reasonable doubt? His attorneys are counting on it.

    With the case in the hands of the jury, Cal Harris' friends Tracey and Kevin O'Hara were feeling confident. "It seems like Cal would have to be Houdini to fulfill this crime the way the prosecution said he did," said Tracy. "I thought, finally, in just hopefully a few hours, maybe in a few days, this is finally gonna be behind Cal," Kevin said, believing his friend would be acquitted.

    It took the jury less than four hours over two days to reach a verdict. Michele’s friend, Cindy Turner said, "When the verdict was read, you could feel the courtroom on the left of us - all of the Harris family just dropping. It was like dominos. And the crying from Cal." Guilty. Calvin Harris was convicted of the second-degree murder of his wife, Michele.

    "I think I had to wait a minute to digest it," Michele's father, Gary Taylor said. "I mean this is the man that killed my daughter with his bare hands. He deserves everything he got." No one was more shocked than Cal’s attorney's, Bill Easton and Joe Cawley. Asked why he thinks the jury convicted Cal, Cawley tells Moriarty, "I don't know. I don’t. I wish I had a good answer for that."

    Six of the jurors were willing to explain. To me the evidence was overwhelming," a male juror told Moriarty. "There was just so many little pieces that just come together to make the whole puzzle." They say that Cal's own actions gave him away. "Why wouldn’t you join in the search? Why wouldn't you stay home from work that day? Why wouldn't you be questioning those police saying, 'Hey, you know, let’s look here. Let’s try this, let’s do that,'" a female juror remarked. "He never did any of that."

    And that little bit of blood played a big part. "If they wouldn’t have found any blood, he would have gotten away with it, I think," the male juror said. And if Michele was killed in her own home, the jurors said that eliminated the other possible suspects. "We followed the lines of evidence and beyond a reasonable doubt, we believe he did it," another female juror said.

    But then, two months later - just days before Harris was to be sentenced - a new witness came forward. "I thought about it. And I say, 'You know what? Maybe you just need to step forward and tell 'em what you'd seen,'" Kevin Tubbs told Moriarty. "I think [Cal Harris] is innocent."

    Tubbs, a local farmer, said six years earlier at dawn on the morning Michele disappeared, he drove past the Harris driveway and saw two vehicles. "There's a man at the back of the pickup. There's a woman at the side of the pickup. She was a blonde-haired woman. It appeared that she was crying. And it appeared that he was a little upset," he explained. "And it's a woman that I believe was Michele Harris." And the man who was with her? Tubbs described him as "a young man. He had a dark complexion. He had dark hair; he had a white T-shirt on."

    But the judge believed Tubbs and threw out Cal Harris’ conviction.

    District Attorney Jerry Keene vowed to prosecute him again. In the meantime, Harris was allowed to go home on bail for the next two years. Finally, in July 2009, Cal Harris once again went on trial for the murder of his wife. After a nearly three-week trial, it took the jury almost 10 hours to finally agree on a verdict. It was guilty. Again.

    For Michele’s family, the verdict was bittersweet. "The kids are the ones that are going to suffer for all this, but it was Cal that did it. He’s the one that’s responsible and he needs to pay for what he’s done," said Gary Taylor. But after nine years, what they still want most is to find Michele and bury her. "I want Michele back and a little closure to this," Gary Taylor said. "And put her down with her mother and, and I'll be good."

    *Much...Much....More At Link!

    *Cal Harris was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison. He plans to appeal for a third trial.

    *The four Harris children are living with Cal's aunt.

    *The search for Michele's body continues.

    Michele and Cal Harris with two of their four children.

    Michele Harris

    Cal Harris on the stand during his second trial for the murder of his wife, Michele.

    *I'll post the CBS YouTube link asap!!
    Full Episode Video: A Time to Kill February 13, 2010 42:50
    in Full: A mother of four vanishes from her upstate N.Y. home the day after 9/11. Was it the day for the perfect crime? Erin Moriarty reports


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    Cal Harris Trial: Appeal Denied

    By Alice Maggiore
    By Bryan Mercer

    Jul 28, 2011 at 12:41 PM EDT


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    I am relieved he will not get another trial. Maybe someday he will tell where Michele is.
    Just my opinion, of course.

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    Might someone kindly tell me how to become a verified local so that I may help with this case? I realize it is old, and I realize it is cold, but that is only more of a reason that someone needs to revitalize things. I'd love to help, but know not where to begin. Thanks!

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    Sorry to be dumb, but could someone please link me to Michele's page on the Doe Network? I can't seem to find it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PlainJaneDoe View Post
    Sorry to be dumb, but could someone please link me to Michele's page on the Doe Network? I can't seem to find it.



    I didn't see anything on the Doe Network.

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    "Tioga County District Attorney Gerald Keene argued that Calvin Harris has been found guilty twice, and will probably be found guilty a third time based on credible evidence. “Therefore,” said Keene, “Calvin Harris is a flight risk.”

    Keene also noted that Calvin Harris was worth $5.4 million in 2005, and probably still has enough money left to flee if he chooses to do so."



    "Man convicted twice of killing his wife released on bail"

    "A Tioga County judge ordered that 51-year-old Calvin Harris be released on a $500,000 property bond.

    The Court of Appeals last week ordered a third trial for Harris, citing errors during his previous trial that ended in a second conviction for second-degree murder."

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    wow, you have got to be kidding me. Thanks GGE, for the update.
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    No problem, this case is local for me so I usually hear about these things. Of courses if I actually got our local newspaper I'd hear more quickly, LOL, not much goes on around here though. Anyway, here's one more:


    " Owego businessman Calvin Harris, twice convicted of murdering his estranged wife and twice freed, may face a third trial as soon as October."

    "The first conviction was was set aside and a new trial ordered when a local farmer came forward after the verdict and said he thought he saw Michele Harris with an unidentified man hours after the prosecution said Harris killed his wife.

    After a jury again found Harris guilty in 2009, New York’s highest court — the state Court of Appeals — in October 2012 reversed that conviction as well due to apparent trial errors. A third trial was ordered.

    Deliberations over the next few months are likely to center on questions about where the third trial should be held.

    Defense attorney Bruce Barket, who is a partner in the Garden City, N.Y.-based firm that is representing Harris, noted that the Court of Appeals “strongly suggested” in its October 2012 decision that the venue should be changed for the third trial.

    Well yeah because 84% of us county residents voted that he not get another trial, but rather just be stuck with the ones he's already been found guilty at.

    I guess if you have $5.4 million you get to keep on having "do-overs" until they find you not guilty.

    (sorry that's all IMHO and whatnot)

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    "The third murder trial for Calvin Harris, of Spencer, N.Y., is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 7 [2013] in Tioga County Court."


    "Since his arrest in 2005, Harris has been tried and convicted twice of second degree murder. Both convictions were overturned on appeal."

    more at link

    I may attend just for the fun of it. I've been there before, probably in the same court room. Maybe I'll even get jury duty! LOL doubtful. Following a case on WS probably auto-excludes you.

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    "Calvin Harris, the Tioga County businessman that has been convicted twice of murdering his wife, Michele Harris, was expected to return to court Friday to begin the process of a third trial. Calvin Harris’ second conviction was overturned by the State Court of Appeals, and a new trial scheduled. That trial is now being postponed.


    It was unknown, at the time of this report [dated September 7, 2013], why Friday’s procedure was adjourned, but it has been reported that Calvin Harris’ attorney, William Easton, is requesting a change of venue. The third trial is expected to be scheduled some time after January of next year."

    It has already been twelve years and change since Michele was murdered.. it's beyond time for the person responsible to be behind bars for the rest of his life. Praying someone finds her body between now and whenever he goes back to court so that this time is the last, one way or another (guilty or innocent).

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    Children of woman who went missing 13 years ago appeal for new clues as their father faces THIRD trial for her murder


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