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    MS - Jeanette Young, 40, burned alive, Meridian, 18 May 2000


    MPD: "Cold Case Solved"
    Meridian, Miss.

    Meridian Police say they finally have a suspect in an unsolved murder case dating back to 2000.

    The victim was Jeanette Young, who was doused with gasoline and burned. She was found alive, but died a day later from her injuries.

    "She has friends in this area. She has family in this city. And we need to help these people come to some kind of closure and give them some peace about this," said Meridian detective, Sgt. Joe Hoadley, in 2000, just a few days after the crime.

    And now, nearly six years later, it looks as if the family may have that closure.

    The Meridian Police Department announced Wednesday that a suspect has been identified.

    "The murder investigation has been lasting for six years now. Through hard work and determination on the investigators part and the Meridian Police Department, we are able, today, to advise the public that we have identified a suspect and have cut capital murder warrants against him," said Lt. Dean Harper of the Meridian Police Department.

    But the MPD refuses to release the suspect's name, citing security reasons at the facility where the 28-year-old male is incarcerated on an unrelated crime.

    Officials say this case is just one of many cold cases in Meridian, some of them dating back to the 1930s.

    "New evidence came to light in this case that enabled us to open it back up, take a better look and led to the warrant being issued," Harper said.

    Harper said he cannot elaborate on what evidence was used to reopen the case.

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    From August 2007:


    Darrell Dewayne Gill was sentenced Monday in Lauderdale County Circuit Court to the maximum of 20 years for manslaughter in the burning death of Jeannette Young...

    Mitchell said the plea also spares the victim's family the pain of a trial.

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