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    Cold Remedy Blamed For Loss Of Taste, Smell

    I'm sure this is isolated compared to the volume of people who take it successfully, but I think I will stay away from the medecine anyways.


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    I wonder how long and how much of this medicine these people were taking. Maybe over a long period of time, or overusing the product will make you not able to smell or taste. I took Zicam one time, I got the pre-packaged spoons with the syrup in them to mix into your drink. Although it's not tasteless as the package says, I think it worked.

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    I had some problems after using the oral spray recently. I thought it was just me until I saw this article. I only used one dose, but for about a week afterwards I had an unpleasant taste in my mouth and my mouth felt like it does after a "pizza cheese burn". My throat felt scalded and dry. It was very weird - not like any cold symptom I ever had.

    I had used the lozenges before without problems.