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    TX - Dedra Salinas, 28, found in shallow grave, San Antonio, Nov 1999 *Arrest*

    SAN ANTONIO -- Authorities are trying to identify a body found buried in the back yard of a home on the city's south side.

    Police said a tip led them to a home Saturday in the 200 block of Cantrell Street. After about an eight-hour search, human remains were uncovered.

    Two canine search teams were called in to help confirm whether there was any truth behind the tip.

    "Both dogs gave an alert, and then the detectives took over from there," said Matthew McDermott of K-9 Search Austin.

    Police discovered a badly decomposed body buried and wrapped in unidentified material.

    They won't say whether the body is that of a man or a woman. They said they would have to wait for an autopsy in order to identify the person.

    "The information that we developed, we believe that it's a missing person from over five years," said officer Joe Rios of the San Antonio Police Department.

    "Through the information we developed, we do believe the victim met with foul play, so if all plays out correctly, we are investigating this as a homicide," Rios said .

    The couple living in the home said they always walk in the back yard and never knew there was a body buried there. They said it scares them, but said it's not a surprise.

    "We hear stuff in the backyard at night, but we didn't know who it was," said resident Daniel Delgado. "But we see shadows and when we come out with the flashlight, they'll take off running through the back yard."
    looks like they know who it might be.

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    I wonder if this is a high crime area? Atleast they will be able to solve the missing person crime. That would really creep me out to know a body had been buried in my back yard all that time. Who ever did this was probably the shadow running around `in the back yard at night.

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    Dedra Salinas

    SAN ANTONIO -- The family of a woman missing since 1999 hopes for closure after the discovery of human remains in a South side yard over the weekend.

    A tip led police to 235 Cantrell Drive on Saturday, where search dogs discovered skeletal remains buried in the back yard.

    Dedra Salinas, 27, who disappeared in November 1999, lived at the address with her husband, Roy Hernandez.

    "Thank you to the one who has called and sent police here," said Eunice Cruz, the missing woman's sister. "Finally, we may have some closure -- something we have been wanting for in the last past five, six years."

    Cruz said her sister's husband claimed he knew nothing about Dedra's disappearance.

    "In the past, he has called me. He has been wanting money to search for my sister. And us, wanting to do good for our sister, we did that -- we gave him money," said Cruz.

    Hernandez was questioned in his wife's disappearance, but never charged.

    Cruz said she and her family are waiting for the medical examiner to positively identify the remains found over the weekend.
    Looks like another poor woman to add to our list of women murdered by the H/B Glad someone rang in with the information .

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    From September 2014:


    Family and friends gathered to honor and remember loved ones lost to violence for the 16th-Annual National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims...

    Salinas' 28-year-old daughter, Dedra, was found dead in 2006. She had been missing since 1999.

    Dedra Salinas's killer was never found.

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    Murder victims' families gather at Bexar County Courthouse


    Margie Salinas still hopes for closure, almost 11 years after her daughter Dedra Salinas' body was finally found.

    She was found buried in her backyard and no one has been charged with her death,” Salinas said. “There’s other parents of murdered children,”

    She's talking about the countless number of other victims who joined her on the steps of the courthouse as they kicked off National Crime Victims' Rights Week with District Attorney Nico LaHood and more than 30 local advocacy groups.
    As for Salinas, she's pleading for the public to help her and others close the book on the crimes that broke their hearts.

    “Pease if anyone has information come forward,” Salinas said.

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    Cold case: SAPD arrests man nearly 20 years after wife's death

    SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio police arrested Roy Hernandez Wednesday for the murder of his wife, who had been missing since Dec. 1999.
    A grand jury indicted Hernandez for murder Tuesday.

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