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    Woman mauled by her 3 rottweilers

    Coeur d'Alene woman sustains injuries when her Rottweilers suddenly attack


    COEUR d'ALENE -- For 10 minutes, the three dogs she'd loved as pets chewed on the back of her skull, ripped open both her legs, swatted her cheek and left a ragged circle of blood and bruises on her left arm.

    Then one of them licked her wounds.

    From her hospital room on Wednesday, Trudy Deon said, "I just want them dead. I honestly want them dead. I don't trust any of them now. If they would turn on me, they'd turn on anyone.

    --> more at link (WARNING: Very graphic!)

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    A vet told me years ago that Rottweilers have the best temperments to be around children and are the most loyal and trustworthy breed, however he did warn me about Chows and I had two. They are known to turn on the owners especially the longer you have them. I do wonder if it's because of the chow mix, they are beautiful dogs but mean as hell and the vice like grip they have when they bite is as bad as a pitt-bull. I honestly think they don't use chows as working dogs because of their temperment because they are as smart as any other breed and since they live to eat you can get them to do anything for a treat. I think their appearance is very decieving as well, imagine a child running up and wanting to hug the dog because they're adorable. The story here with these dogs stated they were 100 lbs. which to me seems small for a Rott. my chow was 90 lbs. and they don't look it because their legs are short and you tend to think it's fur but try and contain one that doesn't want to be.

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    The article was very interesting. She tried to cover her screams because she realised it was exciting the dogs further. She was being eaten alive.

    I have had chows most of my life. Yes they are dangerous dogs. They do not like people outside of the family. They will bite them without warning if someone tries to pet them. My son just got a chow husky mix from the pound. Beautiful pup, gonna be huge. We are making sure we train her the best we can for a happy dog and well mannered. She won't ever be chained up and left in a pen to be a guard dog. I think leaving a dog like that is comparable to abusing a child and then being suprised when the kid kills someone.

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    Oh wow that is really horrible. My SIL has a rottweiler. The dog is very jealous. He pee'd on my baby when my son was only a few months old. My husband was laying on the floor playing with the baby. The dog nearly stepped on the baby while trying to get my husband's attention. My husband pushed the dog away. He walked away to get the diaper bag and came back to find my son covered in dog pee. I was FURIOUS to say the least. This happened at my in-laws house because my SIL goes to the beach all summer and sticks them with her dog. I fought with my in-laws and SIL for a while (they didn't consider the incident to be serious but it scared the crap out of me). The dog still goes to my in-laws house in the summer. My in-laws also had a chow german shepard mix. He was fine with the kids.
    Just my opinion of course!!

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    why on earth anyone would want to have a pet that you have to be warned, "never to feed them at the same time"... (or what,, they'll kill you...?.... apparently so!) is beyond me.

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    This story reminds me of the Knollers in San Francisco who had those dogs that mauled the female coach to death.

    What is wrong with people, who want to have so many nasty illtempered big huge dogs? I can hardly think of a more obnoxious mix than rotties and chows.

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    I had a chow for over 12 yrs.He was a wonderful dog,actually was a better"friend" to me than the Lab I currently have.Yes he had a temper,and yes he would bite.But if you left me alone,and let him get to know you at HIS pace he would gladly allow you to pet him or even throw his ball for him.Bad idea to touch me in any way,or to act like he would do things at your pace.......Either incident resulted in a bite.Never had a problem with him personally tho,me and him had a understanding,I let him think he was boss and he let me think he was boss....We agreed....LOL
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