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    Robert Gale died, and after his death he was labeled a POI in Grahams murder.....

    I won't hold my breath for closure on this one.

    TPS has way bigger fish to fry these days, & being ultra short staffed isn't going to make things any easier, after so much time has passed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grey-St View Post

    Interesting article outlining what TPS had theorized happened to the missing men of Project Houston, admitted by Idsinga himself. I find it incredibly difficult to comprehend how anyone could have come to these conclusions, given the information they had at the time, and the information we have now.
    I've always been astounded at the excuses from TPS for not recording things or why it's sooooo hard. Poking things into databases is so much easier than driving places and talking to people. I wonder if reading things is hard for them too. If they filled these databases regularly they would have statistics that could be used to assess the likelihood of people turning up or not.
    In the case of women, gays or immigrants, it's like these guys make broad assumptions about how other people live that allow them to dismiss the cases they have no interest in because they're outside mainstream white culture. I don't think it is racism as much as massive cultural ignorance.

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