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    Olga Mauger, 21, Dubois, 17 Sep 1934

    Mauger was a 5'5" female who stood 5'5" to 5'9" and weighed between 120 and 150 pounds. She was newly married and had gone with her husband to scout for elk near Togowotee Pass when she went missing, per NamUs. She had black hair, was wearing tan pants with a leather belt and high laced boots. She carried a small hatchet in her waistband. An empty sandwich bag was found by searchers.

    I got the following images of articles from NamUs and have cropped them for reading convenience.

    This is from the PInedale Roundup ("Published Further From a Railroad Than Any Newspaper in the United States" is a hell of a slogan). It was published May 2, 1935.

    Here's a good write up about the case on a blog.

    Here's another write-up. It has several quotes that I can't find elsewhere and it doesn't cite any sources, so I'm not sure where they come from.

    Buckrail has my favorite write-up. The photo at the bottom does interestingly suggest she used the name "Vlasta Fisher" a year prior to her marriage and disappearance. If you think that photo is a match, that is...

    Olga was apparently familiar with the area. She had married Carl Mauger in a whirlwind romance and regretted it almost immediately after the ceremony - she wrote to her sister that she had wanted to kill herself, according to the Waters article. Carl had been in a relationship with an Ella Tchack for five or six years before falling in love with Olga.

    Mauger's story was unchanged, despite Mauger being held for months.

    A snowstorm came in a few days after her disappearance, making finding her impossible.


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    I think that Olga realized she had a golden opportunity to disappear and did exactly that. At first I thought maybe Carl also had remorse at their hasty marriage and did something to her; but if that were the case, then it isn't likely he'd wait 7 years to marry Ella.

    As for the photo, it's dated over a year PRIOR to Olga's disappearance, so I'm not sure what the significance is supposed to be...?
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    This also appears to be one of those cases with a number of myths. The write ups include the statement that she was a descendant of Beaver Dick Leigh (a renowned backwoodsman). No she wasn't. Not unless he emigrated to Russia at some point. Ancestry has Olga Schultz in the 1920 census in Duck Creek, South Dakota with her parents Abberta (Albert) and Tillie. Her siblings named in the stories (Edith and Fred) are also there. And both parents are listed as born in Russia. In the 1930 census she is in Colorado with her older sister Emma.
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