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    it's a shame...

    To price the average crime buff out of this event. For what is on offer, the price is too high imo.

    Also, imo, inviting Ken Kratz is insane.

    Here is a DA convicted of abusing domestic violence victims for his own sexual pleasure, yet because of his connection to the Hallbach Case, he gets a pass? where on Webslueths do we exempt such such criminals, regardless of their notoriety?

    I wouldn't pay one red cent to be anywhere near where KK is esteemed. Those who would line his pockets are complicit in the abuse he perpetrated IMO.

    Apparently KK's victims wil not find a "victim friendly" forum" here at Webslueths. But rather people, who would pay money, for a chance to hear him speak , and perhaps shake his sweaty hand.
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