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    CA - 13 victims, ages 2 to 29, shackled in home by parents, Perris, 15 Jan 2018 #11

    This is awful. I wonder what else we're going to find out.


    PERRIS, Calif. (KABC) --
    Thirteen victims, ranging in age from 2 to 29 years old, were kept shackled to their beds amid foul surroundings in a Perris home by their parents, sheriff's officials said.

    Early Sunday morning, a 17-year-old girl escaped from the residence, located in the 100 Block of Muir Woods Road and called 911 from a cellular device she managed to take from the home, investigators said.

    That teen told the 911 operator that she and her 12 siblings were being held captive in their home by their parents.

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    Daily Mail has photos of the family from their FB page


    All the children are dressed alike in the family portraits.

    Same photos now posted at this link


    One photo shows the parents and kids in what looks like a wedding ceremony.

    LE are asking for any information from the public about the family.
    All statements are my opinion only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stunned View Post
    I cringe every time I see them described that way.
    No worries. This “thing” was bothering too many of us, so we discussed this last night and decided on “Survivor 1, 2, 3, etc” with Tricia’s blessing. There is a photo on this thread and on the media thread with each of these dear survivors photoshopped with this designation by AnaPisces. Here it is again.

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    Here is the cropped photo where she looks pregnant to me. Since she has had multiple pregnancies she may look further along than she actually is. I think this coincides with the 2013 Vegas renewal. She is wearing a different dress than the other times and her hair looks the same as this picture in length and color. If this is from the end of 2013, then it would not be the youngest child.
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    Both have 12 counts of torture

    Both have 12 counts of false imprisonment

    She has 11 counts of child endangerment and he has 6

    She has 6 willful harm to a child and he has 5

    Both have 7 harm/cruelty to a dependent adult

    He has 1 lewd act.

    Did I count these right? Please check my work.

    DT charges: http://jimspub.riversidesheriff.org/...kno=201801856P
    LT charges:

    ETA to add links from Kizzykat

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    Just wanted to chime in on a few issues here. I am a parent and a grandparent and I come from a large family so the extended family is very large. I can’t even begin to imagine treating any one of them in such a horrific way.

    I think there are definite signs that the abuse/neglect began way back. The fact that Fantastic #1 went to school in the same dirty clothes every day is a red flag. And several facts supplied by the sister remembering her visit around that time were also troublesome – very little family time, to begin with. The kids had to stay in their room. And the control of LT was there as well, as evidenced when the child couldn’t even eat what was on the table in front of them without first getting visible permission from LT. None of these alone is proof of anything, but the signs are there nonetheless.

    As for the relatives, I can understand them wanting to take care of them. I would accept any of my family members with open arms and be there for them if they needed it. However, in this case, I don’t think that’s wise, for several reasons. To begin with, the siblings (I will call them “the siblings” or “The 13” rather than kids) need a greater degree of separation from DT/LT than immediate family can provide. They need time – a LOT of time – to heal, and some scars will never heal. That is part of what is disheartening about this – there is some damage that will be forever with them, I believe. It will take a lot of time for them to really see and believe and understand that THIS WAS NOT THEIR FAULT – not an easy road to recovery.

    Apart from that, however, we know that families can sometimes push each other’s buttons. And I fear that under the surface (if not spoken outright) some extended family will resent them for breaking apart the family and besmirching the family name, and I am afraid it would come out in ways both subtle and not so subtle. Perhaps especially so against Fantastic (and Brave) #8 who brought it all to the light of day. They don’t need that.

    Also I wonder if there will be ramifications or charges relating to the possibility that they registered as a home school but very little to no actual schooling was going on, at least with regard to required subjects.

    Regarding the Dr. Seuss pictures, personally I don’t believe it was touched up, but I could be wrong. When you have that many people in a picture, hands, arms, elbows, etc. get thrust in every direction.

    That’s enough for now, although there is so much more…

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    Quote Originally Posted by human View Post
    I totally agree with you. I even saw on here that there were some trying to justify or explain why there could be things such as chained children or chained and locked everything. The way it is stated implies doubt, to me.
    Respectfully, the defense attorneys are not going to waltz into the courtroom, throw their hands up and declare their clients guilty, they are going to put on a defense, and in a high profile case, it's going to be a doozie.

    The jury will ultimately decide based on facts, circumstantial evidence, the Prosecution's alleged motive, and a theory by the accused's defense team.

    Are we not curious what the defense will use to try and "justify" the actions that are detailed in the DA's charges, and what will not be considered evidence at all?

    Speaking for myself, presenting possible defense scenarios, in an effort to anticipate what the Turpin's attorneys may interject to possibly cause reasonable "doubt", is hardly justifying child abuse.

    As a matter of fact, I share (eerily) much in common with these survivors and I can assure you there is no justification in my mind or heart for any form of child abuse. I have spent most of my life searching for a good excuse because my abuser died before I could find the courage to ask him why, and the other parent has offered little. I have found only one halfway justified excuse, the 1999 case of Betty Topper. Brain damage.

    I have been on this forum for many years and have never so much as hinted at my story because I am a very private person and, IMO, it has no place on another victim's thread. I only now mention it because I would ask people to please consider this before harshly judging someone's words and/or intent...they might be victims too.

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    Someone was asking if there were interior photos of the Perris house. The attached photo would have been taken within the past two years. The patio seen in photos taken by the media while police were bringing out evidence, is behind them.

    Observation...the young man all the way to the right looks painfully thin, while the older girls, all the way to the left look normal. Makes me wonder if the abuse was targeted to certain children.
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    This article says that only the oldest daughter, now 29 was not home-schooled. She attended Kindergarten through Third Grade at a public school in Texas:


    Read another article that said the oldest daughter knew how to drive.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GutInstinct View Post
    I may be the only one who thought from the very first glance at the Disney photos...that the family was never really there. And that the photos were done using some app where you could insert a photo onto a Disney-themed template and even photoshop disney characters with faces, etc. I don't think they really went there. As mentioned, there are no other non-posed photos of any of the family other then the staged photos. I googled this concept and founds apps that do exactly this, including inserting Disney characters with different faces. The father Turpin was a computer geek so he could do this.

    I also don't know how this family could afford to get to ... and pay entrance fees...for 13 people. Did they drive, assuming it's the CA Disney. Where did they stay? It's expensive. All in one room? Did they all go in one car? Was it a one day trip? With all of the folks on this thread questioning the limbs missing in these photos, it does make me wonder. Do a bit of googling and see what you find and think.
    Good questions.

    The Turpins are no strangers to using themed templates as can be seen here:
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    I would like to apologize to SmartSassyBBW. SSBBW would not alert on the picture she was complaining about because although the picture did appear on the last Turpin thread, even though it was removed Tapatalk picked it up. Meaning every time a member using Tapatalk would log into that Turpin thread they were greeted with that awful picture.

    Please do not post off-topic pictures in this thread or any thread. It can cause big problems for the already overworked moderation team.

    Thank you.


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    My apologies if this has already been asked:

    Was there ever a point where DT/LT ever expected their older kids to take care of or look after the younger ones?

    I know that older children taking care of younger ones is common in large families, for example, the Duggars.

    Genuinely curious to know anything about this.

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    I am curious whether the Turpin parents ever expected any of their children to be moving out of their home. What was the long term plan? Just keep having children until it was no longer a possibility? It almost feels like one of the animal hoarding cases you hear of where multiple animals are penned up without food and water and unable to get out of the feces and disease. So very sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SATA View Post
    Good questions.

    The Turpins are no strangers to using themed templates as can be seen here:
    This couple really likes to repeat. This is the same photo taken years apart. They renew their vow in the same venue with the same Elvis guy - with the daughters wearing the same dresses.

    They repeatedly have children, perhaps? Repeat bankruptcy, repeatedly move.

    I don't have a conclusion, just an observation on this habit of seeming to re-enact what they've done before.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilibet View Post
    No worries. This “thing” was bothering too many of us, so we discussed this last night and decided on “Survivor 1, 2, 3, etc” with Tricia’s blessing. There is a photo on this thread and on the media thread with each of these dear survivors photoshopped with this designation by AnaPisces. Here it is again.

    Minor detail, but I believe the picture is wrong on #12's age. I believe, as it was originally reported, that she is only 11. The two that were freed from restraints as the authorities got there were 14 and 11, which I believe were #10 and #12. (The authorities freed #4, I believe.)

    I don't have proof of this, but I am going by the initial reports.

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