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    WV - Harold 'Ernie' Labelle, 70s, Pad Fork, 22 Jan 1975


    Unidentified White Male

    * Discovered in 1975 in the Hanover Area of Wyoming County, West Virginia.
    * Cause of death: Three large caliber bullets to the back of the head
    * Estimated date of death: At least six months prior to discovery
    * State of Remains: Highly decomposed skull

    Vital Statistics

    * Estimated age: 40 - 60 years old
    * Approximate Height and Weight: 65 - 68"
    * Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, 1.5" long
    * Dentals: Full upper denture found, has been refurnished and the distinguishing numbers have been ground out.

    Case History
    The skull was found in 1975 in the Hanover area (Pad Fork) of Wyoming County, West Virginia. The skull was highly decomposed with three large caliber bullet holes in the back. A clump of brown hair and a full upper denture were also found.
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    Body Identified in 30-Year-Old Cold Case

    Posted 2/23/2006 11:42 PM

    State Police have identified a body found in 1975 in Wyoming County.

    Story by Rontina McCann Email | Bio

    Police say skeletal remains found in the Pad Fork area near Hanover, Wyoming County have been identified as Harold Labelle of Monroe County.

    The businessman, was in his 70's when he was reported missing back in 1975.

    Troopers say Labelle was shot three times in the back of the head.

    Years after the body was found, a car was found near Pineville. It was later identified as Labelle's car.

    Then, last year, DNA samples from the remains were compared to Labelle's son. Police say it's a 99% match.

    Lead investigator Lieutenant Sam Lake says this case is proof that cold cases will be solved through technology and persistence.

    State police have now launched an official murder investigation. But police say most of the suspects and people with possible information in this case have already passed away.

    Police say Labelle was known to carry large amounts of cash, so he may have been killed for money.

    If you have any information on this case, call state police at 256-6700.


    I couldn't find a missing person's report on Mr. Labelle. The age estimate was off by 15 years.

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    WOW, I can't believe they identified him after all of these years. Mr.Shadow205 was one of the investigating officers when those remains were found. I have the old newspaper articles somewhere which show him at the scene.
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    That is so cool!

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    I would love to see a picture of the man next to the reconstruction. As this would be
    helpful in how we learn how accurate these types of reconstructions actually are. I am glad for his poor family that he has been identified.


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    It is cool and it gives hope to many victims families.I would think just the knowledge of knowing where their loved one is part of the relief until the long journey of justice takes place.

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    State Police are still following leads in a 30-year-old cold murder case. Troopers say since the story first aired on 59 News, they've gotten several tips from people who knew the victim, Harold Labelle of Monroe County.

    Labelle went missing in 1975.

    His body was found in the Pad Fork area of Wyoming County, but not identified until two weeks ago, thanks to DNA evidence and a persistent investigation.

    A person who worked with Labelle, and one who was a friend, are helping police with a timeline. And now, State Police are researching old Wyoming and Raleigh County newspapers to find out exactly when Labelle's car was found abandoned in the 19-70's.

    Police are still looking for more witnesses. If you have any information, call State Police at 256-6700.

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