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    Bumping. It has now been over 40 years since he went missing. SMP, are you still here? Has there been any more contact with Oregon authorities? (PLEASE call and push them!) I read that someone asked about DNA and dental records. Is there a way to get his dental records to place them on file? Also, you can provide mitochondrial DNA for help in identification in case he has been found but unidentified. I am hoping for closure for your family!

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    Bumping for brian.

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    This is an interesting case for me because I am so familiar with the area. I have made the drive from Portland to Salem many times and I lived in Salem for a few years. There is one detail in this that sticks out to me that I haven't seen mentioned.

    Brian and David left the party in David's car together. Brian went missing sometime between 2 and 5 am. David was picked up around 5 am by police for racing down State St. while high on LSD and it sounds like he may have been drinking as well. If you are not familiar with the layout of Salem, but there is really 1 major body of water where a car could be crashed into and not be noticed for so many years, the Willamette river. The current is fairly strong and I imagine after a few years would have dragged the car potentially miles away. The river runs through downtown. Salem OR's population in 1975 was 76,000 and that's largely very close to the river.

    The detail I don't see being mentioned is that State St in Salem is a one way street that goes away from Riverfront Park (the part downtown is one way, not the rest of it). If we're taking the path of least resistance the conclusion I draw is that David and Brian go towards downtown, potentially to Riverfront Park or near it. Perhaps they said goodbye here, perhaps not. David and/or Brian then crashed the car into the Willamette river. David would then have only need to walk a few blocks to a car dearship and steal a car. This is the only way I see the pieces of David stealing a car and Brian going missing with the VW fitting together.

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    Plausible. Do you know of someone with sonar who could look for the car in the river?
    For I the Lord thy God will hold they right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. ~Is 41:13

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    I truly feel your brother could be found, another person on here named many bodies of water and possible areas that could hide a car that ran off the road. I pray your family has closure, the police have so many new techniques to find cars, objects etc. it's time to start this up again, why can't flyers be put up and start the community interest again in both areas. More people may help if they saw this all over again... how about a small search group volunteers, I truly just hope for your family to get the answers they deserve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marycarney View Post
    I cannot imagine the heartbreak your dear family has gone through. My prayers are with you all tonight.
    I think the car into the water theory might just be the answer. I've posted this in another forum, but for your benefit, I'll repeat.
    My cousin's husband accidentally drove off a boat ramp while lost in the middle of the night and drowned. The ONLY reason he was found is that a woman was letting her dogs out nearby and heard the splash. He was totally and completely lost, and the boat ramp looks for all the world like a two-lane country road.
    My son-in-law's father fishes every Thursday in the St. Joseph River for decades. He has launched his boat in exactly the same spot hundreds if not thousands of times. Several years ago, the police recovered a long-submerged car and driver- from directly under John's launch spot.
    I for one would like to see a volunteer effort among the country's fishermen to explore with sonar every single body of water in our country for missing cars and people.
    Not sure if this helps, just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and praying for you today.
    I truly think Brian is in the water or possibly off road but in that stretch from party to home... I think they should hang new flyers and have people search... it's time for answers for this family...

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