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I realized this morning that yes...they probably will go for a murder charge, with the death penalty. When I wrote a post yesterday saying I thought they wouldn't because he was already convicted and sentenced to life, I wasn't remembering that TX has the death penalty and *also* actually carries it out. I'm in KS and technically it's legal here but there hasn't been anyone executed in half a century.

So yeah...if this is Christina they very well may bring capital murder charges against him, and honestly, he deserves it. After what he did to her and what he's put the family through, sitting his pouty @$$ behind bars all these years, never once having a shred of sympathy for the heartache of Christina's family? Yes. He's a monster. And although I have some issues with how his family has handled things, his actions have victimized them, as well.

I had to quote your entire post because I feel exactly the same way.

I really wish someone recorded EA’s reaction when they told him. I remember Casey Anthony’s.

May he rot in hell.