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    MI - Jack Brown 47 Ypsilanti January 11 1984

    Additional information here, in the obituary of one of the men present during the bizarre murder.

    the morning of Wednesday January 11, 1984 Jack Brown was in his Ypsilanti office on the phone with his son, Jackie, when he said "we've got trouble here" and hung up.

    Two men had entered the office looking for him, they shot Brown in the neck, closed the other three employees in a closet and fired another shot, this was into the ceiling. Perhaps to frighten the others

    Despite eyewitness accounts of his attackers and, at one point, a $30k reward, no progress has been made in his case.

    I read in an archived paper that the Ypsi police told his former wife (mother of their four children) "you give us a why, we'll give you a who"
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    So I have read up a little bit on this case and from what I have read it looks like they had put the other employees into the bathroom. One of the men stood guard while the other approached Jack, stated "you think you're pretty smart don't you" and shot him in the neck.
    I have also read that the shooter is between 35-40 and the other man is roughly 50 years old. (at the time of the shooting)
    Jack's wife had stated that after a Christmas party he had stated that he had some evidence that would send powerful people to prison. I am not sure if this information was ever found or if it indeed existed.
    There was a major drug bust that occurred the same day of the murder and there was speculation that these events were linked somehow. I have not found any proof of that.


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