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    OH OH - Amy Hooper 19, Columbus, 3 March 1992

    Amy was murdered in her Columbus Apartment in March of 1992. When she didn't report for her job at Berman Leather at the (now closed) Westland Mall her family was contacted. Her father gained access to the apartment with the help of a maintenance man and found Amy's body.

    She was tied up, her hands behind her back, she'd been struck in the head with an unknown object and there were stab wounds to her neck.

    Ohio Attorney General info on case

    Article from Columbus Dispatch

    Her mother has her own theory, that Amy -- always trusting, always friendly, young and naive -- simply left her front door unlocked and became easy prey.The detectives think differently. There was a lot of rage in the crime, a lot of brutality. It was, detective Clark says, personal.
    He thinks Amy knew her attacker, that she could have let the person in. There were no signs of a struggle, although crime-scene photos show that the phone cord might have been ripped from the wall.
    Over the next several weeks, a few women on the West Side told authorities they had received weird phone calls.
    “It was bizarre, and we don’t know if there was ever any real connection,” Clark said. “But people would get calls and a man would say, ‘Remember Amy Hooper? You’re gonna end up just like that.’”
    Nothing ever came of them. Tips came from as far away as Oklahoma and Texas. Nothing paid off.
    Clark thinks the case still is solvable.
    “Several people knew about this, I’m sure of that,” he said. “For whatever reason, they haven’t come forward. Amy Hooper deserves justice.”
    DNA evidence from the scene exists. Clark needs only a name to match it.
    Not a ton of stuff online about her case.
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    I Think the phone calls were probally pranks made by kids.

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    2011 article:


    "Investigators have usable DNA that has been resubmitted in the last year for matches but so far it has only eliminated suspects, Hogan reported."

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