There are no words for this, none. Every day it seems the crimes against humanity and INNOCENT BABIES are worsening and becoming increasingly rampant and people are dangerously desensitized.

Seriously, some people are losing it!

I took the quotes from a few different articles (all linked).

Ohio Chiropractor assaults his baby for being a girl and fussy

Police arrested Jason Bittner at his West Chester Chiropractic office after a grand jury indicted him on felonious assault and endangering children last week.

Fornshell said Bittner, 33, was disappointed that his newborn child was a girl and not a boy. Fornshell believes that was one factor contributing to the abuse.

“He was frankly resentful of that fact and also was very intolerant of the fact that she fussed,” Fornshell said Tuesday.

Doctors there found the infant had 28 fractured ribs in different stages of healing — suggesting the injuries were suffered at different times — and serious brain injuries
and from his bio

“But my first and greatest love is Jesus Christ. I am most proud of my faith in him.”
This irks and saddens me. I love Jesus more than anything else in my life but no matter how ticked/irritated/p1ssed I was I would never beat my tiny baby for being a fussy girl!!

Babies are fussy, put the baby down, walk away for 5 minutes or forever but don't crush it's little ribs

Heck, I wouldn't break the bones of or give a head injury to someone who deserved it!

Dear Lord there are SO many things I wanna say but

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