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    Angel stolen from grave 10 years ago is found


    Angel stolen from grave 10 years ago is found

    Frankfort -- A woman who wondered for a decade who stole the concrete angel that once watched over her mother's grave finally has the missing cherub back.

    Brenda Hasty's daughter spotted the 3-foot-tall statue in late February on the front porch of a stranger's home in Frankfort, about 20 miles southeast of Lafayette. She quickly brought her mother by the house to show it to her.

    Hasty took her suspicions, along with a decade-old photograph of the angel, to Frankfort police, who declared that the statue and that in the photo were one and the same.

    Hasty was able to retrieve the statue and return it to her mother's grave.
    "It's so weird -- 10 years later. I'm shocked. I'm just so happy," she told The Times for a story published Saturday. "The angel is where it belongs."
    Hasty's mother, Ruby N. Bray Jones, was buried on Jan. 30, 1996. Her cousin, Buddy Puckett, Nicholasville, Ky., made the statue, which was placed at the Frankfort gravesite a few weeks after the burial.

    Within two weeks, it was gone.

    The homeowner who had the statue told Hasty she bought it from a neighbor three years ago.

    Police Sgt. Joe Sheets said the statue seems to have changed hands quite a bit.

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    It must take the lowest form of a low-life to steal an angel from a gravesite!! Sheesh, if that doesn't just about take the cake!

    Nice that the rightful owner got it back after all these years. I guess an angel was watching over her angel!

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    It's very sad and sick IMO, but people steal statues off graves and then sell them at antique stores.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shopper
    It's very sad and sick IMO, but people steal statues off graves and then sell them at antique stores.
    People even steal the flowers off of graves. I worked for a greenhouse and we would put planters with growing arrangements at several grave sites for regular customers. At one grave in particular the flowers and the planter were stolen a couple of times ....the family would call to complain that the planter had gone missing from the grave....one time we found it several graves away on another persons grave....another time it was simply gone.

    Then there is my Aunt Druscilla. My mother and her sister put a beautifull pot of large red geraniums on their brothers grave for memorial day the spring after he died. When his wife (Druscilla) saw them she thought they were too beautifull for waste at the cemetary. She took them home to her own home for herself and put some faded artificial flowers on her husbands grave. She didn't even ask. She didn't even stop to think that if they put them there it was because they wanted them to STAY there. My mom and her sister were very angry but didn't say anything to her. Sadly they never put beautiful flowers out there for their brother after that as they did not want to see Druscilla take them home. Some people have no sense of propriety. If it was me I would have told her that I wanted them put back....of course I truly dislike my Aunt Druscilla.

    Stealing headstones and memorials that is even lower than low. Some of the old headstones of angels and lambs are very lovely....but stealing them to display is just so wrong.

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