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    Connecting Dots: Frank Osellanie and missing women/children and murder victims

    I live in Scranton and was born on December 7, 1978... the night Joanne Williams was last seen. When I was 11 years old, a man who I vaguely knew (a neighbor) tried to abduct me but I luckily got away. He stalked me for 2-3 years before attempting my abduction on my way home from the bus stop. I consider myself blessed... and am very interested in seeking answers/justice for those who did not survive.

    Truly I believe that Frank Osellanie abducted, raped and murdered Joanne Williams and Jolene Lakey (as well as others). He had a garage 1.5 blocks away from her apartment on E Gibson Street at the time. Frank is a sadistic killer who would rape and beat his victims to death with his hands and enjoyed the control/torture. His type of murderer profile leads me to believe he never killed or buried/hid his victims remains on his own property...but rather off his properties. He’s intelligent (most mechanics are) and asocial which means he thinks he’s smarter than everyone, and is a loner at heart, but can be very charming, easily sweet talk victims and socialize with the best of them if it suits his needs. He is not a random killer, but a methodical planned killer who fantasizes about the kidnap/killing before he does it. He’s the type who comes prepared... as in the case of Renee Waddle (9 year old he was convicted of kidnapping, raping and murdering... and Laureen Finn (who he is a “person of interest” and whose body was found at 430 Monroe Ave Scranton, about 8 blocks from his residence at the time, 1316 Vine St, Scranton). For killers like this, there are 3 crime scenes: 1) the place where the victim was kidnapped, 2) the place where they were murdered, and 3) the place were their bodies are disposed.

    The bodies of both victims were burned with Coleman Fuel/Paint Thinner combo. Laureen left a party on Quincy Ave at approximately 3am and Laureen’s body was found approximately at 4:30am about 1-2 blocks from the party. Who other than Frank, “a night owl” would happen to carry Coleman Fuel on him at 4:30am. Not many murderers are capable of beating women and children to death. Both Lauren and Renee had massive head trauma and other broken bones. Laureen had broken ribs and a fractured collarbone. Interesting note: Laureen was a college student while living in Scranton, but she was from Elizabethtown NJ area. Frank frequented a Racetrack in New Jersey where Laureen worked as a waitress in the concession stand. I believe she caught his attention there. He may have struck up conversation... found out she lived in hill section while at school and made her one of his fantasy kills. I became aware of another woman who was living in the Hill Section of Scranton and who Frank was stalking at the same time as Laureen’s murder (1987). This woman had moved out of Scranton and recently passed away; however, before she passed away, she recalled how afraid she was of him even though when she met him he was charming.

    For those who don’t understand sadistic predators, it’s important to understand that these type of twisted individuals don’t have an age preference... they will victimize anyone who they can gain control. I work at a Child abuse intervention center... many kids who are raped are not raped by pedophiles (who technically can only be classified that way if a specific child age range and gender is their only attraction), but rather by sadistic manipulative people who enjoy control over powerless people and children. Don’t get confused.

    Coincidentally, no other rapes/murders/abductions that could compare to these cases have occurred in the hill section since Frank has been in prison.

    Frank also traveled quite a bit around the tri-state area to car shows, racetracks, campgrounds/boating venues...and was an avid fan of diners. I believe he also killed the woman missing since 1982 who was last seen talking in the parking lot (approximately 10pm) at the diner that she worked at with her mom. The sketch of the man bares a chilling resemblance to how Frank looked in 1982.

    Frank has always denied any connection or involvement with these murders/missing women and children. Frank will remain in prison for the rest of his life. A friend of mine who is a detective tried to interview him one last time this past year but he has severe dementia at this point and his health is very poor. He’s not expected to live much longer.

    This year marks the 40th anniversary of Joanne being a missing person. Wishing we can get some answers for Joanne, Jolene and the other possible victims who are still missing.
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    This is the sketch of last man to be seen speaking with Michelle (who disappeared after talking with him in the parking lot). Her mother also worked at the diner with her and was the witness Who provided the details the sketch artist. Frank heavy another same diner shortly before her mother saw him in the parking lot talking to her daughter. The photo to the right is Frank O in 1990.
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    Maybe he befriended some of the inmates. Said something to them.
    Sunglasses on his head is interesting.
    Most men dont do that.
    Was he known for wearing glasses on his head.
    A family member or friend might recall.

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