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    KS - Lucas Hernandez, 5, Wichita, 17 Feb 2018 #18 *Arrest*



    WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH)*Wichita police are investigating a missing child case in the 600 block of South Edgemoor.

    Sedgwick County dispatchers confirmed to Eyewitness News that police are on scene looking into the disappearance of a 5-year-old child last seen around 3 pm on Saturday near Edgemoor between Lincoln & Kellogg.

    Police say Lucas is Hispanic/white, four-feet tall, brown hair, brown eyes, and long lashes.

    The boy was last seen wearing black sweats with a grey shirt that had a bear on it, white socks, and light blue Pull-up.

    Anyone who has seen Lucas is asked to call police

    Rules Etiquette & Information

    Flyers for Lucas Hernandez Thread

    Media, Maps, and Timeline Thread

    Verified Insiders:


    Verified Family Spokesperson:


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    Help Find Lucas Hernandez Facebook Page
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    Lucas Hernandez missing: FBI joins search for Kansas boy, 5

    Authorities searching for a missing 5-year-old Kansas boy have scoured a nature park and set up a tip hotline.

    The Wichita Eagle reports that police said they received a call at about 6:15 p.m. Saturday to report Lucas Hernandez was lost in southeast Wichita. When officers arrived, Lucas' 26-year-old stepmother said he was last seen at about 3 p.m. Saturday in his bedroom before she showered and fell asleep.

    Officers and dogs have searched his home, neighborhood and the 216-acre Chisholm Creek Park. Officer Charley Davidson said Sunday that police have found no evidence that suggests Lucas was abducted, which is why no Amber Alert has been issued.


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    KS - Lucas Allen Hernandez, 5, Wichita, 17 February 2018 #3

    Family concerned about Wichita boy's welfare before he went missing

    WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -
    As the search continues for 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez, the boy's family returned to their home late Monday along with the FBI. Relatives watching from afar say it's not the first time an investigator was called there.

    Wichita police say the boy's stepmother last saw Lucas at around 3 p.m. Saturday. She then took a shower and fell asleep, and officers were notified around 6:15 p.m. that the boy was missing.

    Sally Rasmussen is Lucas' great aunt, who spoke with KAKE News from her home in New Mexico. She says was sent a photo of Lucas last year and saw multiple bruises on his face and neck. She called police.

    "All these stories I'd been hearing for months about him possibly being abused," she said.


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    Texas Equusearch is now involved in the search for Lucas.


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    Transcript of EG jail interview.
    (furious, I'm going to have a cocktail or 3 and dinner with my husband, but will be back to rant tomorrow)

    100% accuracy is not guaranteed.


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    From this point on, we need all search locations to be discussed ONLY off the open forum. Any location that has been searched or will be searched should NOT be mentioned here at all. This includes the main thread for Lucas (this one), the maps thread for Lucas, and the Flyers for Lucas thread.

    Tim Miller and Texas Equusearch have strict rules for a very good reason. If anyone volunteered on a search for Lucas either with Tim's group or on your own, please do not mention it here. Don't comment at all about it on the open forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liltexans View Post
    You can certainly still look at maps and speculate about places Lucas could be. You can post a map of Wichita with EG's house marked and even with her former residence marked so we can "see" the locations on the map. MSM released the information about EG being at Olive Garden, so the Olive Garden can also be marked on the case map.

    What we cannot do is discuss areas that have been searched that have not been publicly revealed via MSM. And we cannot post locations that are planned to be searched unless MSM has revealed them. An example of this would be if LE requests that volunteers meet at a certain location to help search a specific park that is publicly named and requested via MSM or a press release from LE.

    We can still post a general case map, as I mentioned, and we can still post a timeline of the case as we know it from MSM and from our VIs.

    I hope that helps clarify. If you have further questions, please PM me.
    I think this map has all of those points and meets the reqs https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_W...PH&usp=sharing
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnaPisces View Post
    Okay guys, so our very own Paddleboarder has worked hard to create a confirmed and up to date timeline for Lucas' case. This has taken a lot of time and effort but should help to alleviate any rumors that are being circulated.

    We posted it to the official Lucas FB page:



    A timeline was created in an effort to alleviate rumors and help organize the events surrounding the disappearance of 5-year-old Lucas Hernandez. Lucas has quickly become known as “Wichita’s Son” and he needs to be located. Sadly, we suspect that finding Lucas is now a recovery effort. If that’s the case, he deserves to be laid to rest respectfully and surrounded by those who love him.

    5-15-17: Family member of Lucas’ father in NM call DHS in KS regarding suspected abuse of Lucas. Family member of Lucas’ biological mother in KS also report suspected abuse in May of 2017. It is later revealed that Lucas told family members in NM that his step-mother, Emily Glass, had thrown water in his face, kicked him, and dragged him across the room. Lucas stated that Emily is “mean to me.”

    11-13-17: Another family member in NM contacted DHS about suspected abuse of Lucas.

    2-7-18: Lucas moved into a new home in the 600 block of Edgemoor St. in Wichita, KS with his father, stepmother and younger sister.

    2-9-18: Lucas’ father returns to NM for his scheduled 20 days of work.

    2-11-18: Lucas is seen by a neighbor while playing with his stepmother’s two older sons. Glass is witnessed smoking outside with an unknown male. She later reports to Lucas’ father that a black male and white female were outside their home that night.

    2-12-18: Glass surrenders the family cat to the Wichita Animal Shelter. Pets are not allowed in the rental house and she was reportedly unable to find anyone to take the cat.

    2-16-18: Glass alleges she had been cleaning and around 3:30 p.m. "smoked a few bowls" of marijuana in the garage. She reportedly got hungry and drove to Olive Garden with her 1-year-old daughter in a white Acura SUV. Glass alleges she stayed at Olive Garden about an hour. She made two phone calls on at 4:53 p.m. and 5:43 p.m. The calls were made from the area of Central and Rock, near where an Olive Garden is located. (She later alleges that she left Lucas home because he had been sick, was sleeping, and she didn’t want to wake him.) Lucas is seen peeking out the window by the landlord around 5:30 p.m.

    2-17-18: Glass reported Lucas missing at 6:14 p.m. after she alleges she left Lucas in his room around 3:00 p.m. while she took a shower and a nap. Lucas’ father begins his return trip home from NM after learning that Lucas is missing. Police begin an extensive search for Lucas and state they believe he was not abducted.

    2-18-18: Lucas’ biological mother (who shares joint legal custody) arrived in KS around 5:00 a.m. after learning of Lucas’ disappearance. Prior to this, her last visit to KS was Jan. 1, 2018.

    2-21-18: Glass is arrested and charged with 2 counts of child endangerment – one for Lucas and one for his 1-year-old sister. The endangerment charge for Lucas is later dropped. Lucas’ disappearance is now a criminal investigation.

    3-3-18: Missing Pieces Network and the family of Lucas Hernandez encourage any property owners in Wichita and the surrounding counties to search their land and outbuildings for anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.

    3-13-18: Police announce that the tip line will no longer be utilized for Lucas. Anyone with information is now asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 316-267-2111 or Wichita PD at 316-268-4407.

    3-14-18: A judge denied Glass’ request for a bond modification. In her ruling, the judge stated that Glass is part of another separate, ongoing investigation and is considered a flight risk. Her bond remains at $50,000.

    3-18-18: The “Searching For Lucas Hernandez” Facebook page was created in order to keep the public informed on the search for Lucas and to insure that Lucas’ face and story isn’t forgotten. Property owners who need assistance searching their land and outbuildings are encouraged to send a message to SearchingForLucas@gmail.com. We can’t allow Lucas to be forgotten and we won’t stop until he’s found.


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    Okay everyone, I spoke with Tricia and we are going to allow some sleuthing of JH. Given the events of the past day or so in particular, with the GFM and the conflicting statements from JH to the media, it is time to delve a little deeper into JH's past.

    I want to be very clear that we are not going to allow general maligning of JH's character and we are not going to allow anyone to accuse JH of disappearing Lucas. The police have not indicated that JH is a suspect in Lucas' disappearance.

    What we will allow is discussion of JH's statements to the media, speculation about why he is behaving and acting as he is (e.g., saying that he will take EG back if she gets out of jail, stating shortly after Lucas disappeared that his family shouldn't be bringing up abuse, leaving his son with a woman who lost custody of her own sons due to abuse allegations, etc.). We will also allow discussion of the affidavit released pertaining to the alleged abuse JH perpetrated against EG's sons with her ex. If JH has a criminal record that may also be sleuthed (with links).

    Please do not veer into wild speculation and please use links wherever possible.

    If you have further questions, please message me or another moderator and we'll be happy to help.

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    Link to recent Nancy Grace podcast about Lucas' case:


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    In seven single-spaced pages, the child-in-need-of-care petition describes a dysfunctional and violent household.

    It says Emily Glass, Lucas' 26-year-old stepmother, has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, has difficulty controlling her anger and has experimented with methamphetamine and heroin.

    Glass, the report says, was thought to be targeting Lucas due to her anger with the boy's father. The pre-kindergartner had bruises most often after Glass and the father fought, the state's child protection agency was told.

    The day before Lucas was reported missing, a witness saw a young boy standing at the front door of the home. Glass later admitted to leaving the 5-year-old home alone that day while she went to eat at Olive Garden.

    Those details are part of a Sedgwick County juvenile court document that provides the most complete account of abuse that Lucas allegedly suffered.



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    18 threads.. I'm still thinking of all those who love Lucas (especially FLA and PV) and sending all my good vibes your way.

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    I can't believe it's been almost 2 months and Lucas is STILL missing.

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    Thread #18. Wow. Two months later and he’s STILL missing. Lucas, you have so many people who love you and want you to be safe wherever you are. We will find you, little guy.
    Missing since 10/4/2011 from Kansas City, MO

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