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    Will DNA prove Hitler is French manís Grandfather

    ďYou would think that if someone suspected they were related to Adolf Hitler, they might keep it quiet.

    Not so Philippe Loret, a 62-year-old plumber who not only publicly claims the Nazi dictator was his grandfather, but is very keen to prove it.

    This week, it emerged that Mr Loret has provided a swab of his DNA, so it can be compared with genetic material on a fragment of Hitler's jawbone held in a former KGB vault in Moscow.
    According to Mr Loret, from Picardy in northern France, his grandmother, Charlotte Lobjoie, started an affair with Hitler in the summer of 1917, when he was fighting in France. She gave birth to a son called Jean-Marie in 1918.

    For many years, Charlotte ó whose portrait Hitler apparently painted ó kept her son's paternity a secret, until she revealed it to him in 1951, shortly before she died.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz5DjcjgmrJ
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    <modsnip>since i went to school (unknowingly at the time) with hitlers nephews i would actually be interested to know if there were more relatives out there out of pure curiosity I guess.

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