Marc Klaas weighs in on the HUGE news. That news is the capture (allegedly) of the Golden State Killer/East Side Rapist.

This monster has been raping and killing since 1976. How was Joseph James DeAngelo captured using DNA? All LE will say is they used the newest DNA technology to capture this evil beast.

Co-author of the book Final Exams with Dr. Cyril Wecht investigative journalist and true crime author Dawna Kaufmann gives us the details about the family annihilator who killed all the Hart children.

We wrap up our Websleuths Podcast with a very uplifting story. World-renowned body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass is now a documentary filmmaker. Her doc called "Reinventing Rosalee" is already winning awards. Dr. Glass tells us her 101-year-old mother's secret to a long loving life.

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