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    OH - Laquanna O'Neal for child endangerment, Cleveland, 2006

    Girl's Flesh Burned During Questioning By Mom
    CLEVELAND -- A Cleveland woman is accused of dragging her two daughters back inside their burning home after the girls ran to a neighbor for help.

    Authorities said the woman had set the fire herself.

    The girls, ages 8 and 12, told investigators their mother was upset because the older girl had a boyfriend. The mother allegedly interrogated the girl while applying lighted incense to the child's neck, chest, rectum and inside her mouth, according to Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Bill Mason.

    Investigators said the woman set the house on fire when she didn't get answers, and when the girls ran out, she forced them kicking and screaming back inside the burning house.

    A neighbor pulled all three of them to safety.

    Police and fire marshals in Cleveland spent more than a year investigating the blaze.

    Laquana O'Neal had not been arrested as of Thursday night, The Plain Dealer in Cleveland reported.

    Prosecutors said O'Neal faces multiple charges. The Plain Dealer reported that O’Neal will be arraigned later on multiple charges of aggravated arson, felonious assault, rape and gross sexual imposition.
    Poor kids .The mother was diagnosed with a mental problem.I wonder where the father was.

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    lala land
    I don't understand why the investigation took a year. Maybe I should read the article, huh?

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    Cleveland woman sentenced for dragging kids back into burning house

    Associated Press

    Thursday, September 14, 2006 8:10 AM

    CLEVELAND (AP) — A judge rejected a prosecutor's request for more than 50 years in prison for a woman who admitted that she set her home on fire and then dragged her two daughters back inside after they ran for help.

    Laquana O'Neal, of Cleveland, was sentenced to eight years in prison by Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Jose Villanueva on Wednesday.

    The prosecutor's request for the maximum sentence was inappropriate given that O'Neal had no prior criminal record and functions normally when medicated for her paranoid schizophrenia, the judge said.

    More at link:

    Laquanna O'Neal

    Guilty Plea
    Location: Northeast Pre-Release Center
    Sentence Date: 09/14/2006

    1 count 2nd Degree Aggravated Arson
    2 counts 1st Degree Aggravated Arson
    2 counts 2nd Degree Felony Assault
    2 counts 2nd Degree Child Endangerment
    2 counts 3rd Degree Child Endangerment

    Sentence: 8 years

    Expiration of Stated Term: 09/10/2014