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    Police in California say they believe they have found the notorious Golden State Killer—the man investigators say is responsible for 12 homicides, 45 rapes, and 120 home burglaries.

    Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, was arrested overnight on two murder charges and is thought to be linked to the case, said Billy Jensen, one of the writers responsible for researching and publishing I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. The case received renewed media attention this year after the book, written by late Michelle McNamara, was finally published after years of McNamara’s obsessive research on the killer, thanks to her husband Patton Oswalt, Jensen, and researcher Paul Haynes.

    Jail records show that DeAngelo, who was arrested by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, is ineligible for bail. The warrant was issued by Ventura County.

    Jensen told The Daily Beast that DeAngelo is not the “confirmed” man responsible, but that “it looks good.” Police will hold a press conference at noon Wednesday in Sacramento to announce the breakthrough in the case.

    The FBI has said the Golden State Killer, or the East Area Rapist, is suspected of carrying out crimes spanning a decade starting in the late 1970s in Sacramento County and ending in 1981. Jail records show that, like the killer’s FBI profile, DeAngelo is 5’11” and between the ages of 60 and 75 years old.

    Sources confirmed to a local Fox affiliate early Wednesday morning that there had been a “significant break” in the case, with some saying an arrest had been made.


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    Photo of the guy in 1962.


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    East Area Rapist arrested in decades-old case, source says


    Authorities are expected to announce the arrest Wednesday of a suspect in the decades-old East Area Rapist case, The Bee has learned.

    The suspect has been living in the Sacramento area and was identified after a renewed push of the investigation by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, a source said.

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    Another Article

    Arrest made in East Area Rapist case, sources say. Sun City survivor 'overwhelmed with joy'
    By Alex Kincaid
    April 25, 2018 09:15 AM


    Jane Carson-Sandler, a Sun City resident, was the fifth victim of the East Area Rapist on Oct. 5, 1976.

    Carson-Sandler said she received emails Wednesday from two detectives she has kept in touch with over the years informing her of the arrest.
    Here a , there a , everywhere a

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    Jane Carson/Sandler talking about arrest.


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    Joseph James DeAngelo Jr was arrested in California Tuesday night on two murder charges. The now-72-year-old is suspected of being the Golden State Killer
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    Relative's DNA from genealogy websites cracked East Area Rapist case, DA's office says


    The effort was part of a painstaking process that began by using DNA from one of the crime scenes from years ago and comparing it to genetic profiles available online through various websites that cater to individuals wanting to know more about their family backgrounds by accepting DNA samples from them, said Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi.



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    Curious to see y’all comment on what you think- do any of the other websluethers out there think he is going to spill his guts about all the details? I have a feeling he is going to get his jollies off one more time reliving all the gory details -like BTK and other serial killers have done after getting caught. Do y’all think that too? I’m also curious if he kept all the trophies at his house. He seems like the type of guy that would have it right there. It will be interesting to know if he ever gave some of the Jewelry to the women in his life -including the daughters. This guy seems twisted like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BooBooTheFool View Post
    I wrote a paper over Ancestry DNA cases for my biotech class and my memory is really bad but I think ancestry.com used to be another company and had absorbed the dna database that the LDS had been using to trace ancestry. Ancestry.com is not owned by the LDS afaik.
    Just reiterating, Ancestry.com was not the company LE worked with. They have denied it.

    It was GED Match, an open source genealogy-DNA match web site

    All statements are my opinion only.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheila Terranova View Post
    So no Australia connection then? Does anyone know why he was dismissed from the police force? He has two children? Thanks guys.
    He got caught shop lifting. Waaaaaait for it dog reppelant,and a hammer. While assigned to robbery detail as a LEO in 1979. No eyebrows were raised. No further investigation. Even though there was so much of his activity going on right under their noses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgeofAquaruis View Post
    He got caught shop lifting. Waaaaaait for it dog reppelant,and a hammer. While assigned to robbery detail as a LEO in 1979. No eyebrows were raised. No further investigation. Even though there was so much of his activity going on right under their noses.
    Monday morning quarterbacking. Would you suspect a neighbor who stole a shovel of burying bodies in his backyard? I wouldn't unless I knew or suspected him of murder. He had a good record as a police officer. One coworker called him a straight arrow, by the book cop.

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    To the poster who mentioned how "pathetic" he looks in the mugshot--yep! But I'm sure there's a part of him that's loving the attention and everyone knowing what he did and got away with for so long. For that reason I think everyone in the media and online should STOP calling him the GSK (Michelle came up with that to help catch him through branding; now he's caught) and start calling him... wait for it... the Micro-Genitalia Killer

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    EDIT: not live stream, video of JJD being brought in.

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