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    NY - Linda Geronimo, 28, Wyandanch, 25 June 1975

    No Photo

    Last seen alive: June 25, 1975

    Circumstances: Individual left home address to go to store and did not return home.

    First Name: Linda
    Last Name: Geronimo

    Age When Last Known Alive: 28
    Race: White
    Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
    Sex: Female
    Height: 62.0
    Weight: 115.0

    City: Wyandanch
    State: New York
    County: Suffolk

    Hair: Black
    Head Hair: Long
    Eye: Black
    Scars And Marks: 2 Scars-Left arm
    Clothing and Accessories

    Clothing: White Tee Shirt
    Black Pants

    Footwear: Brown Sandals


    Nickname/Alias Wajo


    Please help find a photo of Linda and more info.

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    There is a Linda Geronimo in the 63 and 65 St Agnes Seminary School Brooklyn NY but in groups so she is one of 3.

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    Is it believed something untoward happened to her ? maybe she walked away from something and moved to a safer/happier situation ??
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