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    UK - London Fire Brigade's arson detecting sniffer dogs

    The Mail today has an article on LFB's 3 sniffer dogs trained to detect evidence of accelerants at fire scenes, even a year after the fire occurred.

    Sherlock the forensic fire dog can sniff out evidence of an arson a year after it happened and wears bespoke bootees so he doesn’t hurt his paws

    As I stepped beyond the police tape, surveying the twisted metal and charred wood all around, it was difficult to imagine that this had been a thriving city shop just a few hours earlier.

    A catastrophic fire had raged through the building, so fiercely that two firefighters were in hospital with critical injuries — two of my colleagues. In my job, that’s the news we dread most.

    I’m a fire investigator with London Fire Brigade. I’ve been in the role for more than five years, but for almost all of that time I’ve had a partner — one with much keener instincts and sharper skills than mine could ever be. My partner is called Sherlock.

    Sherlock is a detective. He doesn’t wear a deerstalker hat or smoke a pipe, though. He’s a working cocker spaniel, and he has abilities that are jaw-dropping — as is his 100 per cent success rate.

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    Cute and clever! They do an amazing job.

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