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    FL - Sarah Whitlock, 23, stabbed to death, Jacksonville, 10 March 2006

    Sarah Whitlock was a nursing student at FCCJ, working her way through college as a nurses assistant at Solantic's northside clinic.

    Whitlock clocked out of work shortly after 10 p.m. Friday. Hours later, a male friend found her dead.

    Homicide detectives say she was stabbed to death in her Riverside apartment.


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    The Jacksonville Sheriff's Officer believes the person who killed a nursing student may have gained access to her Riverside apartment by posing as a police officer.

    Investigators found Sarah Whitlock stabbed to death in her apartment Saturday morning.

    Police believe someone killed her Friday night between 10:30 p.m. and midnight.

    Investigators Thursday annouced they believe a person impersonating a police officer, in plain clothes, gained access to Whitlock's home.



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    Sarah Whitlock/17-Year-Old Arrested In Fatal Stabbing Of Nursing Student

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- A 17-year-old boy claimed to be a police recruit when he met a 23-year-old nursing student, whom he later allegedly stabbed to death in her apartment, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said Sunday.

    Kimothy Mark Simmons of Jacksonville has been charged with murder. He was being held Sunday at the Duval County Jail, and was scheduled to appear Monday in juvenile court, authorities said.

    Sarah Whitlock was found stabbed to death March 10. Investigators initially said the killer could have gained entry to her apartment by impersonating a police officer, leading police to tell residents to closely examine officers' identification before letting them into their homes.


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    The 17-year-old suspected of killing Sarah Whitlock reportedly had a troubled criminal history. Just days after Whitlock was killed, authorities believe he was again allegedly committing violent crimes.

    Kimothy Simmons is charged with murder in the death of Whitlock, a local nursing student who lived in Riverside. Simmons was arrested on Sunday, the same day Sarah's family said goodbye to her at a beachside funeral.

    But now, there are new revelations about what Simmons did in the days following Whitlock's murder.

    Local woman, Chrystal Frison, says she and a friend were carjacked late Saturday night, and claims that Kimothy Simmons was one of the men involved.

    Frison says she feared she would be killed when two men took her and her friend, throwing them in the back of her sports utility vehicle. She says her abductors drove around until they met some other men, one of which she says was Simmons.

    “They told us to turn around, and I thought they were going to shoot us in the back," says Frison. The men drove off, however, and police say a short time later, Kimothy Simmons was captured and in police custody.

    According to police, Simmons has an extensive arrest record for a 17-year-old. He was arrested when he was 15 in a grand theft case, and also arrested in another carjacking case, with the use of a deadly weapon, when he was 14. He was also charged with escaping from police while being moved to a juvenile facility when he was 12.

    *Picture of suspect and victim at link


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    From March 2008:


    Gary and Paula Whitlock have waited two years for justice for their daughter Sarah. Thursday night they heard the verdict they've been waiting for, Kimothy Simmons guilty of first degree murder...

    Simmons only looked down as the verdict was read. It will send him to prison for the rest of his life. Prosecutors would have asked for the death penalty but couldn't because Simmons was just 17 when Whitlock was killed.

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