Private investigator Ray Michalko will be at the corner of Highway 16 West and Norman Lake Road Saturday at 9 a.m. A group of concerned citizens is expected to join him and search a wooded area in that vicinity for evidence in one of the Highway of Tears mysteries.

"As people arrive we will organize into groups and head out," Michalko said. "When we all get together we will talk about where we will search, how we will arrange ourselves, a closing point for the search, all of that."

Michalko will not say to which Highway of Tears victim this search pertains. He put out the call for volunteers based on tips he has received during his own private inquest into at least four of the Highway of Tears cases. Those tips led him to believe a search in this spot would be worthwhile.

"I've had lots of calls from different groups of people," Michalko said. "I could see 100 people showing up to help but I don't know if that will happen. I would be happy with 25 or 30."