LONDON (AP) - A man who lost control of his four-wheel drive vehicle outside his home, damaging 11 cars to the tune of about $345,000, pleaded guilty Tuesday to drunk driving.

Leslie Arliss, 39, who had been trying to move to a better parking space about 15 metres away, also pleaded guilty to a charge of driving his four-litre automatic Range Rover without due care and attention on Dec. 3. Prosecutors at Bradford Magistrates' Court in northern England said Arliss was three times over the legal blood alcohol limit when tested.

Prosecutor Stephen Rushton said Arliss returned from drinking at his local pub shortly before midnight and decided to move his car, which was parked outside his home, to a better parking space.

"He turned the engine on and reversed his vehicle into the car behind, which went on to push two further cars behind," said Rushton.

"He then drove the vehicle forward, hitting vehicles parked in front of his own vehicle. He pushed them a considerable distance down the road with some force."

One vehicle ended up on its roof, Rushton said. At least two of the vehicles were written off but no one was injured.

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