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    GA - Venus Taylor for child cruelty, DeKalb County, 2002

    Woman who called radio station pleads guilt in recorded tirade against grandchild

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution Staff Writer

    What you say to your children can break the law, as a DeKalb County woman learned when her tirade against her granddaughter was picked up on a tape-recorded phone call to a radio station.

    Venus Taylor, 55, pleaded guilty Monday to child cruelty, even though investigators found no evidence that she had physically abused her three grandchildren. DeKalb Assistant District Attorney Rachelle Carnesale, who has specialized in child abuse cases for nine years, said Taylor was the first defendant she had prosecuted only for verbal abuse.

    Taylor, who spent 19 days in jail after her arrest in November 2002, was sentenced to six years on probation by Superior Court Judge Clarence Seeliger.

    Taylor was arrested after radio station WALR-FM (Kiss 104.1) gave police a tape of a call in which Taylor could be heard screaming at a wailing child, who turned out to be her granddaughter, then 13.

    The tape continued for several minutes, and the child later said that was only part of a tirade that lasted for about 15 minutes. It was not clear how the call was placed to the radio station. Police traced it to Taylor's home.

    On the tape, Taylor used vulgar names, threatened to beat the child and said she wished the child had been left in a foster home.

    A pounding noise could be heard, but Carnesale said the child reported that was the sound of Taylor striking a table.

    Full Story from ajc.com

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    Good! Hopefully more of this will be happening!

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    Oh Gosh, thank goodness someone has the guts to go for it in this case. Extreme Verbal/Emotional abuse should also be treated seriously, if we really care about the next generation.

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    Oh my ... probably one of the grandkids called the radio station. I think that many are not aware of the effects of verbal abuse on children. Personally, I am a yeller. My mother was a yeller, and I despised it. I remember as a child saying that I would NEVER yell at my children. Now, at the age of 51, I still have to consciously work on not yelling at my grandson. I would not say that I am abusive when I yell, just that there is another way to express myself. If I yell at him, which, by the way, my daughter is also a "yeller", then for sure, he will yell at his children. Maybe this generational curse can stop! Thanks for the reminder.

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