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    Identity Theft Scare For HP Pensioners

    A scare for hundreds of people in our region after a laptop with personal information was stolen from Fidelity Investments. The company handles the retirement account for a business that was once in South Burlington.

    Elaine Trachman got something unexpected and upsetting in the mail this week. "It came from Fidelity Investments and of course I recognized Fidelity Investments as being the keeper of my pension," said Trachman. "I opened it and inside was some very bad news - extremely bad news."

    She found out that a laptop belonging to Fidelity Investments had been stolen. On it - detailed personal information about 196-thousand Hewlett Packard retirement account customers, including Elaine. The computer had social security numbers, birth dates - all information that could easily be used by identity thieves.
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    Why was all that information stored on a LAPTOP in the first place?

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