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    Unhappy 2nd Round of Tornadoes Hits Tennessee, 11 more dead

    In the second wave of violent weather to hit the state in less than a week, severe thunderstorms and tornadoes tore off roofs, overturned cars and left 11 people dead.

    While families of Sunday's tornado victims in the western counties of Dyer and Gibson planned funerals for this weekend, many residents of Sumner County began picking through newly flattened homes and mangled cars.


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    It's just horrible. My heart goes out to everyone this touched. I just sat here watching the news a min ago and cried for all the devastated areas.

    We had the same storms tonight but were so lucky and blessed. I've heard of two injuries so far. These things are so deadly and so scary!

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    Hey all-

    I'm not familiar with TN, but I have to ask - was this second round of twisters close to Goodlettsville? My employer has a branch located there and the first twisters leveled it (everyone's ok at least). I'm just hoping they didn't get a second dose.....

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    Goodlettsville is close to Hendersonville, which is just north east of Nashville.

    Here's what I've found out about it. Eight of the deaths were in Sumner County, north of Nashville. CNN's Wolf reported tornadoes touched down near City Hall in Goodlettsville, north of Nashville, and in Greenbrier, northwest of the city.

    Sadly, it sounds like they got another dish of it. I'm so sorry!

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