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    FL - Nizaar Jaber, 24, shot to death, Orlando, 23 Sept 2003

    ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orlando police said they solved a three-year-old murder case. A 24-year-old man was shot at point blank range in 2003 by two people disguised as pizza delivery men.

    The shooting happened on the night of September 23, 2003 at Sabal Palm. A home invasion led to murder, but police said they finally had one of the killers.

    On that night back in 2003, police said two men posing as pizza delivery men forced their way into the apartment of 24-year old Nazaar Jaber and shot him dead during a robbery. For more than two and a half years, the killers remained on the loose, but police never stopped looking.

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    Glad that they caught one of the murderers. Now maybe this guy will rat on the other person unless he wants to face murder charges all by himself. I sure wouldn't go down by myself if someone else was involved.

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