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    Excessive prom banned/students come up with another alternative

    I did a search and could not find this story posted on WS.

    I find this to be great new alterantive for teens and prom that is being done by 2 Catholic high schools in New York.

    Students Told They Can Go Out, But Not To A Prom
    Chaminade, Kellenberg Memorial Cancel Opulent Events
    Jennifer McLogan

    (CBS) MINEOLA Michael Jonas is on the crew team at prestigious Chaminade High School on Long Island. But more importantly he's about to graduate, and for years had his heart set on his senior prom.

    “When we found out our prom was cancelled , we were devastated. It was a very big deal.”, said Michael., “I didn't like getting blamed for excesses of other prom-goers.”

    Excesses, yes. Thousands of dollars on tuxes, dresses, limos, and unsupervised weekends in the Hamptons and beyond and drunken orgies, and more. That is what Chaminade's President, Father James Williams, feared that Senior Prom had become. So he cancelled it earlier this year, and so did sister-school, Kellenberg Memorial, in nearby Uniondale. Both Catholic high schools allowing their students to come up with alternatives that would not compromise “ethics and values” its leaders are trying to instill.

    more at link...

    Another link with more details to the alternative to prom this year.

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    My question is: If these teens in their last year of high school have not had the "values" and "ethics" that these two school have "instilled" in the students, then why did the school have to impose upon the students an "alternate" event which is not by their choice.

    So instead of a lavish party that the students expected, they have have to have a low key, less lavish party that was imposed upon them by the school.

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    Good questions CyberLaw.
    I can't see though what it hurts for the school to refuse to sponsor an event that they believe does not reflect their values. Schools alone are not repsonsible for values in teens as culture and parents play a role as well.

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    Who cares if these kids want and can spend the $$$. My Gosh, people need to lighten up and let kids have fun.
    "It seems that this is larger than I am. More than I can handle. Yet I know that I am being carried, for I am not strong enough to carry myself. I do not have the answers now but one day I will know and understand and maybe one day I will help to carry another." Joanne Cacciatore~

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    People who get too excessive are usually the parents aren't they? Last I checked, I had some control over my senior's spending. When my son was in Junior High, parents were renting limos for the dance. I would never had done so, although my boy (wise boy he was) didn't even ask. Why should these kids suffer because of some assinine parents who indulge their kids too much? Why should all kids miss out because of the fact that some are going overboard? Their doing so speaks for itself. There's no requirement to do so, though, how ridiculous!


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    I agree, Eve. When my daughter had her Middle School Graduation Ceremony (whoever heard of such a thing?) the girls showed up in sexy evening gowns with their hair all in updos - they were made up to look like 13 year old hookers. My daughter and one other girl showed up looking nice in dark skirts with white blouses...and were laughing stocks.

    These events have become a contest between the haves and have nots. It's way out of control. I applaud any school that tries to reign it in.

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