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    Frank the tumor is dead.


    Docs: Boy Who Beat 'Frank The Tumor' Cancer-Free

    POSTED: 1:40 pm PDT April 14, 2006

    LOS ANGELES -- Three years ago, doctors found a cancerous tumor the size of a grapefruit on a boy's brain.

    Now, they say 11-year-old David Dingman-Grover has a clean bill of health.

    The tumor, nicknamed "Frank," after the monster Frankenstein, was removed a year ago.

    David's mother helped defray medical costs by auctioning "Frank Must Die" bumper stickers on the Internet.

    The surgeon who removed the mass said biopsies and MRI scans show that the boy's brain is now cancer-free.

    He'll be monitored for five years.

    Doctors said the treatments caused some side effects, including damage to the pituitary gland. But David said he feels great and showed off karate kicks for reporters.
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    This is good news and definitely makes one smile. Let's pray that his good health continues. I'm glad you posted this.

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    YEAHHHHHH FRANK IS DEAD. WHOOHOO.... good for the mother! I've heard this before to make the "cancer" an IT... and unwelcome "IT" and your body will fight to rid it.... instead of saying "I have cancer"... it helps to see it as a foreign entity and keep it separate from the rest of your body.

    However this all worked......... it's awesome. I'm so happy to hear about a death!

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    tnx for the update : Frank the tumor's demise is a reason to celebrate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiperoni
    tnx for the update : Frank the tumor's demise is a reason to celebrate.

    It sure is a good reason! I am so happy for this family.

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    Wonderful news!! I hope he lives a long healthy life!!

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