This is just so strange!

The sex-change chicken that crows

A sex-change chicken which started life as an egg-laying hen has turned into a crowing cockerel.

The pet, called Freaky, spent eight months laying dozens of eggs until she crowed like a cock bird one morning.

Over the next few weeks, she sprouted a scarlet comb, grew red flaps called wattles under her chin and tufty tail feathers - all attributes of cockerels.

Animal experts said Freaky's sexchangewas a one-in-10,000 rarity. It happens when a damaged ovary causes the hen's testosterone levels to soar, turning the remaining ovary into a testicle.

Freaky, a silver-laced Wyandotte hen, now crows every sunrise, aggressively attacks other males and even tries to mate with his old female friends. (more at link)